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    A L I C E / Yly FAQs

    Who is Alice? What does the store package include?

    Alice is a complete character set for Victoria 4, she includes a bodyshape (Alice), a face (Yly) and an high quality, unique skin set (Alice Skin) with shader presets for Poser >9, Poser9+ with SSS and DAZ Studio (simple setup).
    She also includes many bodyfixer morphs for joints issues and other effects (most we'll be shown on the promo page).

    What's changed since her last store iteration?
    The bodyshape is very different.
    We increased the resolution of the head textures (from 2500 to 4000) and included more make-up options
    She includes P9-PP2012 SSS shaders (the pre-P9 is the same of the previous version), which are the very same we use in all our images
    She includes many bodyfixer morphs and more will be added with future updates
    She now uses EXP technology

    What is EXP technology and what does it mean?
    EXP technology is the same technology implemented by DAZ for their add-on morph packages. What it does is create an Alice morphs subcategory into Victoria 4 CR2, just like the ones for Aiko, Elite, Muscles etc.
    This means every time you load Victoria 2 you will have the Alice category, but you have to inject her to actually have the head bodyshape and bodyfixer morphs (just as you do with Elite, Morphs++ etc.).
    Practically for the user this means that she won't occupy any Injection channel and will not overlap with any other custom morph.
    Practically for us this means that we can include and add as many additional morphs / bodyfixers as we want, now and in the future!

    Are the free and store version of the bodyshape identical?
    They are absolutely the same. The free version includes the bodyshape ONLY but as far as it goes, it will get the same bodyshape updates (if there are any) as the store one. The free body shape still uses the INJ/REM technology using V4 free channels.

    I already own Alice from Renderosity, should I buy her again?
    We're NOT offering a free update to previous buyers, since the new feature we have included are quite worthy, however, if you just want to keep up with the bodyshape, you can download the free version.

    Who is Yly?
    Yly is Alice' new face. We won't be offering an Alice face anymore so we kindly asked Yly to step in . She has the same flavour of Alice' face had but it's less particular.
    She is still very AlfaseeD-cute. The face you'll see in all the promo for Alice, is Yly.

    What updates have you planned?
    Next updates will include more bodyfixer morphs and we'll bring back the expressions improved and optimized for Yly's face.

    Why such a radical bodyshape change?
    We wanted Alice to be more realistic than she used to be.

    We also made changes to make her more "compatible" with Victoria 4 and therefore easier to create custom fitting morphs for.
    We'll be always supporting the latest Alice version in our clothing packages and updated them, but understand not all clothing creators are willing or have the time to do so, this new version should be also much easier to create morphs for, even with automatic tools.

    You may notice that in this new version Alice hips are much wider, this is because when V4 is posed her hip shape is easily lost in movement, so we decided to give her more generous hips to start with, so she better keeps her curves when she moves.

    Will you make any other radial changes in the future?
    We think we have reached a great shape for Alice with this release and if we make updates they'll be minor, probably not affecting clothing fittings at all.

    Is Alice/Yly appearance in the store only temporary?
    No, she is coming at RDNA to stay, so you can buy her today, tomorrow or even in a tendays time, if you're bold enough to wait !

    What can Alice wear?
    Anything that it's in our store. All products will be updated to fit this new bodyshape before she is released (you will receive an e-mail notice as soon as the updates are available - you should already have received quite a few).
    This was quite a huge workload and we could have missed something, so if you run into any fitting problem, just get in touch !

    The updated clothing items include two different Alice morph?
    One morph (-Alice) is for the free version (that still works as an INJ into V4 channels), the other -AliceBodyShape is for the store version. We decided to do it this way to avoid any kind of possible issue for both store and free-version users and for max compatibility in the various Poser and DAZ Studio tool versions.

    What is Alice skin peculiarity?
    Alice was created from scratch, using only the clearest and most detailed photographs, she is absolutely unique. The skin is clean, young and detailed. She is perfectly compatible with Sisterhood and Almost Human and looks always great!
    Also, note that we'll be releasing add-ons for the skin in the future that will include additional options: most of the tattoos and make-ups we've been using in our promos will be released in an INKs add-on package for the Alice and IIv3 skins, so you certainly won't run out of options anytime soon!

    Alice Skin, bodymorphs and Yly face
    will become available at RuntimeDNA on Friday 24th May, stay tuned!
    In the meanwhile if you have any question, feel free to ask!

    After you've followed Alice / Yly install instructions:
    If you still have problems, please, scroll this very thread and take a look at these other threads for troubleshooting:
    You can also check YouTube for these videos from a fellow users:
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    Congratulations to both of you! I can't wait to see her "up close and personal"! You never disappoint and I am thrilled to see this new Alice has so many fabulous features. <3
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    I have every alice you ever made color her gone.
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    THAT is something i was soooo waiting for, i'm a pure fan

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    OMG, I was waiting for her, since I saw the first promo of one of your products in the store. Thanks a lot for the new update and I'm sure I cannot wait to buy her! :-)

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    I wonder how well she'll render in Reality/Luxrender?

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    I missed the last one, not this time!
    So long and thanks for all the fish.

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    FanTASTIC! So glad to see the new Alice and welcome to Yly!!!! Congrats on an awesome release you guys!!

    And thank you so, so, so much for making her a permanent addition to the store! I can't wait to see her!!!!

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    Oh, dear ... as I rebuild my collection, you've created anothr Must Have. Ah, well ... it's all for the Greater Good, right? :-)

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    Wait! I have a BIG problem! Friday? We have to wait 'til Friday????

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    Congratulations on this update. Great job.

    Just wanted to add that with Poser 10 Fitting Room now any piece of clothing can be made to fit Alice. There are no limits no more!

    Paolo @ Prêt-à-3D
    There is no default material.
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    This sounds great and I'll get her as soon as she's out, but I was wondering why use V4 and not Genesis, or why not make a version for both like other people have been doing. Might this be one of the updates, or a later project?

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    I have Alice - but I have to have Yly too ...

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    Simply cannot wait!!. I have a date for the weekend

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    Fantastic news and congratulations, I love your products

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    I didn't find ALICE until the version 2 came out. The day she was released I bought her right up! I have wanted to see AS using EXP with her for a long long time now. This one thing is worth a new purchase, I'll be buying this one too. :-D

    ADDED: Just looked through my archives, and I see I have Alice starting with 1.5! Now that I have the new Alice/Yly the collection is nearly complete after all! :-D
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    Great news! after so many years, Alice will be at last on the shelves in a steady way.
    Though I have already bought her at Rendo a pair of years ago, I feel very excited to see her new Yly look.
    Are you yet close to or far from a gen5 migration purpose ?

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    It will be fantastic to see her , and at last have her in the runtime ( even if it will take a bit more time )
    And cannot wait to see all this wonderful, hard work you put into her Thank you for making her more availible.

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