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    Poser PMD's and Daz Studio

    Hi, I recently bought some character mouth and nose morph injections but didn't realize they were PMD files. I work in DazStudio 4 Pro though I do have Poser Pro 2012. I can't seem to inject the morphs in Daz so I brought up a v4 in Poser and injected the morphs there but how do I save the new figure as a .cr2 so I can try and load it in Daz?

    I don't see an export figure or save figure as option in Poser. Sorry to ask such a noob question but Poser still mistifies me.


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    In the library palette there are categories. Go to the Figure category, choose a folder, then click the + sign at the bottom of the library. That will save the figure that is currently selected in the workspace.
    In DS you open the Poser library, and you will find the figure in exactly the same place where you saved it.
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    Just make sure that you have Use Binary Morphs unchecked in Poser's General Preferences when you do save it...

    If you still have Studio 2 or 3 around, there is a plugin to inject PMDs, but it was never updated to work with 4.x....
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    Or you could use Kuroyume's free MorphExchange to put the pmd into the file. http://www.kuroyumes-developmentzone...oser/freebies/

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    two years later. the same issue with 4.7.
    do you have step by step instructions on how to use the inject PMD with Daz 3?
    any help would be wonderful.

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    I don't even remember; it's been years since I've used Studio much, and DAZ since went to a new Forum software, and all of the old posts were lost....
    I could buy better software, but then I'd have to be an artist and what's the point of that?

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