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    User-control of simple 3D characters with mouse on web pages ?

    Hi all,
    haven't used Poser yet but before getting into it I have a simple question: once a character has been built, is it possible to export it into a web page and let users turn it in 3D with their mouse ? I am a yoga teacher and would like to show some yoga poses (no animations) on our web site so that people can look at them and turn them in 3D with their mouse just the way they want.
    Is Poser suitable for that ? or should I use something else?
    Thank you for your help

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    Not directly, but you can export the model as a OBJ or DAE file which can then be uploaded to a site like Verold Studio ( or Sketchfab ( just to name two I use, there are many more. Poser has a inventory script that you can run to get all the names and locations of the textures that your model uses, you will need to copy and keep these with your OBJ file. If you would rather host it on a personal website, you can do the rotations yourself in Poser as an animation and render it out in single frames, then use a flash object like ControlVR ( or JavaScript like JQuery Reel ( to make your turntable. Bad thing about ControlVR is it's a flash object which means support on mobile devices is limited and depending on how many frames the animation is and how much postwork is needed, could take a long time to prepare but the results are good, here is an example of a ControlVR turntable i did a while back this one only rotates clockwise and counter clockwise but it can do full 360 degree panning and tilting.

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    Well, I startet a long mail about this once, though that was including animation...

    Last time I asked you are not allow to do this with a Poser character, because of license issues.

    If it is you own models it is of course another case.

    If you made it work please show us

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