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    Solution for the Freak4 scaling problem

    The following is a fix for the shoulder/collar scale problem in Freak4 when the FreakScaleOn is enabled. This is directly from the Poser development team and in my tests this fix works. Be sure to follow the instructions in the correct order. Once done, you can save the corrected Freak4 to the library and the fix won't be necessary anymore. Thanks to Larry for providing the fix


    OK, there is a workaround but it has to be done in the correct order.

    1) open up the freak,
    2) bring up the joint editor,
    3) select the chest actor in Poser,
    4) select the lCollar_SmooX zone in the joint editor,
    5) press the button to fix mismatched scale zones, the problem corrects.
    6) select the Right Collar actor in Poser
    7) select the chest_smoothY zone in the joint editor
    Now press the button again to fix mismatched scale zone.

    Due to internals on how the joints correct themselves, which actor that's selected makes a difference in the results.


    Edited to correct zone names
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    >>5) press the button to fix mismatched scale zones, the problem corrects.>>

    I'm trying to follow this procedure but I don't have this button. Only buttons I see are "Align" and "Scale Zones". Using Poser Pro 2012.

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    Do you have SR3.1 installed?
    I vaguely recall that it was an addition to one of the service releases

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    I have which is the latest service release.

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    Ok, I think I remember what I did.
    One thing is incorrect in the steps: You have to select the lCollar_smooX zone (not scale, which is not there)
    The Fix Mismatched Scale button will only show when there is a mismatch. Button is below Scale Zones button.

    If that does not work - check out which version of the Freak you have: Mine has a modified date of 7/28/2009. You may have an earlier version. I think (If I remember correctly) there has been an update for it by DAZ in the early days after its release.

    Let me know if this helps

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    Hi, it fixes it for the left side but I try the procedure on the right side and is stays the same.

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    There are 2 different zones you have to repair with the button
    First: In the Chest Actor you have to fix the lCollar_SmooX zone
    SecondL: In the Right Collar actor you have to fix the Chest_SmooY zone

    It has to be in that order. If you make a mistake, start from scratch (reload the freak)
    I just tried it again and the fix works

    Sorry about the mistakes in the zone names - I typed it from memory and got the names incorrect/incomplete. But these 2 are the only ones which make the button appear

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    It did it!!!! Your last post guide me correectly. Thank you!!!

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    I had not gotten any questions after I posted it, so I forgot to correct the mistakes.

    Have fun with the Freak!

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    You may want to correct your first post. This is great information for anyone wanting to use the Freak in Poser with the latest service release. Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simonwm View Post
    You may want to correct your first post. This is great information for anyone wanting to use the Freak in Poser with the latest service release. Thanks again.

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    probably not relevant or necessarily appreciated as this may look like a pointless bump... but i really wanted people to know this still works. i still use poser 9 and the F4, and i rely on this post every time i forget why it's messed up in the arms. thank you for the fixed first post and all the help this offers. i hope the admins keep this post.

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    All I end up with is a m4 with a large head. Problem is really not your solution but that darned install manager daz uses. I can't get f4 to install correctly and had to go looking for it and move it to the correct diretory manually. when I click on f4 in my figures directory all that loads is a perfectly normal m4 and if I try to apply any morphs all I get is a large head and none of this will correct itself. Course it does not help that I am a disabled vet with slight brain damage and the fact I am stupid enough to keep buying from daz.....every time I buy from them I swear it will be the last time. Would it help to load the file up in daz studio and then export the obj or something like that?

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    I can help with the installer issue at least.

    •Daz's craptastic installer for Gen4 that Insist on being in "The main runtime folder" despite the fact Poser has not required this since version 6, only look for a file called Poser.exe. Any install of Poser Pro does not have this file, instead having Poser Pro.exe. So, to correct this, simply create an empty text file in your install directory and then manually rename it to Poser.exe.

    This problem was brought to Daz's attention by many, including myself, and they could not be bothered to fix it, as far back as 2010. They have no respect for Poser Users, and they are unlikely to fix these sorts of issues (instead blaming it on some conspiracy of Smith Micro to make Poser incompatible with Daz's products).

    As to why the morphs for the Freak do not work, I do not know. I have heard many mention initiallizers and bat files, but I have never needed to do any such thing to use morphs for M4, including the Freak 4, in my Poser Pro (7) installation.

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    I made a file name poser and then put a file in it called Poser.exe and installed m4 and then initialized it then moved it to my runtime. The morphs do work now well sort of I need to try to run the fix listed here again and hopeful it will work this time. Got Daz to help me, they told me to use daz studio....very rude....

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