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    Snow Machine v2 for Poser Pro 2012 released

    Windows and Mac versions included. Works with Poser 9 too, probably :-)

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    Thanks for a very useful script. Your work is amazing.

    We sadly lost this thread at PoserPlace due to a malfunction. The Forum and links had to be restored from a backup that was made before you posted there. Well, whatever can go wrong will go wrong.


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    It was a cold day on the tarmac Snarls.
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    Well, that's turned out pretty good hasn't it? Cool!
    If you didn't want snow inside the cockpit then there's a bit in the manual's hints and tips section about how to apply snow to selected materials only. I think it looks great as it is though!

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    lol. I didn't even see the snow on the cockpit seat, I was geeking out on how cool the rest of it looked. doh!

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    Member paulfrancis's Avatar
    Aug 2006
    England, where we like our beer warm and flat!
    He's from Newcastle, so he doesn't need a shirt or shoes in the snow...!


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    Quote Originally Posted by paulfrancis View Post
    He's from Newcastle, so he doesn't need a shirt or shoes in the snow...!

    He needs a NewCastle beer in one of those hands...if he's not fighting he can certainly wield a beer.

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    Cool, a new snow machine. Thanks Royston


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    Windows version updated to v2.2.0
    Mac version to follow.

    Download from Snarly's Space

    This update adds a 'presets menu' which you can populate with your own presets.
    There is also an import/export facility so that presets can be shared.
    An example presets file is included from which you can import a selection of presets.


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    where is the download link??
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    If you click on the link in Snarly's post above (Snarly's Space should should up as red and underlined) it will take you to his forum. In the Freebies list ('cause Snarly has generously created a lot of useful scripts!) you should see Snow Machine near the bottom of the list - click and the next page should give you three options, Gallery, Download and Licence. Click on Download to open that up and you'll find the link!

    I'll not post a direct link as I think the more folk who bookmark and Snarly's forum to keep up to date with his scripts the better. It's very handy to have a central location for these - thanks Royston!
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    Link doesn't work.

    It looks great (just like the previous version) but the link doesn't work...I've got a 404 error message. Same problem with EZSkin. Help, please !

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    Sorry ! I'm stupid and it now works !!! Thank you so so much for your wonderful scripts ; I can't stop playing with them.

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    Does this work with (horizontally) displaced geometry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moogaloonie View Post
    Does this work with (horizontally) displaced geometry?

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    Many thanks for ALL your scripts. They are all awesome!

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    Eep! I clicked the link, and nothing was there! Anyone know where I could still find this? It looks totally awesome!!

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