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    Poser 9 vs Pro 2012

    Sorry if this has been addressed already, but what is the difference between Poser 9 and Pro 2012.
    especially in regards to animation.

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    Don't apologize. We love to help people sellect Poser.

    In regards to annimation there is no difference (about which I am aware), but if you want to be able to work with rigging and weight-maps (content creation or alterations) you will need Poser Pro 2012.

    Here is a comparison between the different versions of Poser. I personally think that Poser Pro 2012 is the best deal.


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    If you have a 64-bit system you want Pro ...

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    Okay two more quick questions then. Will Poser 9 work on 32 bit system?
    I have a 32 bit now, hope ot get a 64 soon, but not a sure deal yet.

    Also I been using Daz Studio, but I'm lookin' at moving to Poser 9. will it open Daz scenes? I've created characters in Daz I would want to bring over to use in animations.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Poser 9 is 32-bit. Poser Pro 2012 has 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

    Poser can't open DAZ Studio files.

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    is there ANY reason why one would get P9 vs PP2012?

    I've been out of circulation for a bit, and thinking that Christmas might be a nice time to catch up; so I have a decision to make.

    Does PP2012 use the "new" gui that was introduced in P8? Has the new gui been stabilized (i remember it as being a little rocky in pP?

    I own both P8 and PP2010 (? is that right, was that the first Pro version? or am I behind there too). I prefer the gui in P8 if its more stable, but prefer the 64 bit engines in PP.

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    I got Poser 9, mainly on cost, and because I have no plans to design anything weight-map related. Leaving that to the experts. I can still use em in P9.

    The main 2 things I wish I had are: 1) 64 bit, but I just upgraded from a dual core to an I7 so its quick enough for me! 2) render in background would be nice

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    I just got Poser Pro 2012 because I now am running 64 bit Windows 7 and wanted to make use of the 16 GB of ram memory I have installed on my system. I don't design figures, but I did want the full Collada export for using Poser figures in Vue 8 Complete (can't afford to upgrade to Vue 10 Complete right now). I just installed Pro last night and the biggest difference I saw was that I can't dock the library palate in the 64 bit version of Poser Pro (although the 32 bit version included will allow for library palate docking). I've been a Poser user since version 4, i'm not used to the floating palate, but it's a small thing if images will render faster and large scene don't bog down my system.

    Daz Studio files are incompatible with Poser 9/Pro but I believe that Daz Studio has a PZ3 export options--which means you can save your Daz Studio scene as a PZ3 and then open it in Poser--other users help me out here. Genesis is incompatible with Poser currently, although I know some people are working on a work around for that.

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    Did I totally miss the "if you own both P8 and PPro you get a special discount" offer?

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    There are upgrade prices available; but SM had a Black Friday special with 60% off one item--which made the Poser Pro 2012 $50 less tha my upgrade price would have been. The best prices were the pre-order sale, but I didn't have a 64 Bit OS then and didn't get the best price for Poser Pro 2012.

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    I was hoping for a Christmas Upgrade special!

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    Keep your fingers crossed, perhaps they'll offer another discount Christmas week.

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    I can export figures to Vue 8 with Poser 7, could I no longer do this if I upgraded to Poser 9?

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    I can answer that one, you can't export figures using Poser 9 because the it won't be updated for older versions of Vue--in fact it right now they only update Vue 10 so that it can import figures from Poser Pro 2012. I'm in the same boat as you are, I have Poser 8 installed so that I can do Poser figure export to Vue 8 Complete. You could export static collada files from Poser 9 to Vue 8, but I don't think the results are as good. So if you want Poser 9, I'd just leave 8 on you computer for that purpose until you can upgrade your Vue. Apparently they aren't supporting Poser 9 import, just Pro 2012 in the current version so far:

    I know it's most annoying. I was hoping that collada would be the answer, but the geometry seems to be blocky when opening the collada files in Vue and SM says that the results are unpredictable for clothed figures.
    Last edited by tomsde; 12-15-2011 at 08:18 PM.

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    Thank you tomsde. Perhaps I would be better not updating Poser at all and just using Daz Studio. I have been experimenting with it and love the clothing fitting and the visual library.
    If Poser no longer works with Vue then I may as well just keep the Version 7 I have, for that purpose.

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    Daz Studio is supposed to work with Vue with Collada exports, but someone on another thread said that Collada exports are broken in DS4. Genesis is incompatible with Vue and Poser; just something to keep in mind.

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    One Simple Question

    Will I be able to open my old work from Poser 7 with either?

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    Yes you can I have both P7 and PP2012. During my getting to know 2012 I went back and forth between them with the same files.
    Mind you Poser7 gets in a snit fit if the file is a newer version.

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    You know there is now DSON plug-in that will allow you to open up and use Genesis in Poser and DAZ is giving it away for free.
    They learned the hard way that they need the Poser community for their bottom line.

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    Although this is certainly good news in many ways, I was hoping that the Genesis incompatibility would spur the Poser to create some new Poser only figures and content that would offer an alternative to Daz models. I love Daz, but I also like having choices.

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