Since we received several requests about the stone arms used in some of our promos we decided to make them available as Real Deal.

We're not selling a complete texture, only the stone texture to be overlayed over any textures you want, of course together with the displacement map and instructions to use these maps in Poser or Daz Studio.

If you're interested in the product please, read below and see if this product can fit your needs/skills and knowledge!

What you get
- 1) 4000x4000 .psd file with arms texture and bump maps to easily add to any texture you want!
- 2) 4000x4000 .jpg displacement map

What you need
- 1) Adobe Photoshop.
- 2) very basic knowledge of Poser material room (how to open and connect a node) or DAZ parameters window or a bit of willingness to follow through the process illustrated below.

Pro and Cons
- Pro) you can use this with any V4 texture you have/like
- Pro) easily customizable since you can tweak the colour/tone of the store arms textures
- Pro) Clear and easy explanation!
- Pro) If you like "playing" in Poser material room or with D|S parameters you can just save a .png map of the stone textures (diffuse and bump) alone and plug it through a math (add) Node in Poser or with the LIE plug-in in Daz Studio and just use those maps with any texture without further editing in photoshop (or other 2D tools)

- Cons) you have to manually setup the maps in Poser material room or DAZ surfaces tabs BUT, once you've done it you can easily save your shader for later use.