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    OK I think I have everything set up right. You can watch the streaming HD video or download it. And also download the support files needed to follow along here.

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    Got rig and video - finally got a chance to watch the video - thank you *again* Mike for taking the time and making the effort to help us with this!

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    Hard to believe it was free, thanks for the video
    Dive into Fantasy and Ride the Waves

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    I'm starting to wonder if I am suppose to learn this... Electric went out right after I downloaded this the other day and it just came back a little while ago. I haven't looked at it yet but again THANK YOU so much for doing this.

    Lets see, surgery, earthquake; hurricane? Coming next?;-)

    Quote Originally Posted by phantom3d View Post
    Sorry to hear of your troubles. Hope you will mend quickly

    Well I did get it uploaded to 4shared. The other two vidmeo and megavideo dropped it half way through (no resume)

    Will have a better video link in a few in full HD

    And the prop and materials to follow along here:

    This first few tutorials will be usable in Poser 6 through Pro 2012. When we get to the weight mapping however Poser Pro 2012 will be needed to follow along.

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    Going to try to follow along with this, had to break down and set up the audio on my computer so I would be able to use the tutorial. lol Anyway, thank you for this, I figure new tools won't do me much good if I don't start learning how to use them.

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    Thank you sooo much , brill tutorial ......... If only there were more ( I know it`s being too greedy ) , learnt so much more then getting micro tutorials here and there........Thank you.
    Anybody know of more tutorials as good as phantom3d ,is there a dvd ?

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    I think that tutorial will help me a lot Thank You

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    Can't help but think the Setup Room should have a mirror feature to create bones from one side to the other. Could save some time, especially when it comes to things feet and fingers.

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    I am going to continue this series and go all the way through weight mapping asap. Just have been extremely busy this last week. But I will make some more tutorials on rigging.

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    And this means that I will have to learn to rig stuff... thank you a lot!

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    My hero!
    I'm going to see what I can do with all that.

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    Question I think I killed Alyson

    I'm pretty sure I did everything just like it said on the first page of this thread, only using a pair of shorts made for V4 that I wanted to see if I could make fit Alyson. After saving the new shorts to my library I opened a new scene and when I added Alyson from my library her hips, abdomen and upper legs are gone! Akkkk!!! What did I do? This is the first time I've done anything in the setup room but I really wanted to get some of the hundreds of clothing items I have for V4 to fit other characters. Any help anyone can give would be very much appreciated. I have PP2012 loaded on an AMD quad machine with Win7.
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    restart Poser. I have never seen this befor but try that and see if it resets.

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you, that did reset the figure. I have to re-start pp2012 every time I use the setup room this way, so I may have to contact SM support. Good news is that it did work and I was able to put the morphs into the clothes using "Morphing Clothes" and make it fit her! Very kewl! Thanks for posting this demo and also for the rigging video. I'm sure that is going to solve quite of few mysteries for me, not only for the setup room but for the group tool as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom3d View Post
    He could be very quickly, but he does not really have anything. But with this new stuff maybe people will be able to use him anyway. I had hoped I could just give him to SM and they could do something with him. I dont know.
    I lost your track when you leave MPE . I am very happy today knowing that Brad is still alive and coming soon ...
    Antonia is a very good work and Brad will be THE man of my poser9/runtime/library/character !
    Thank you very much for everything .

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    Sorry if I'm being a bit dense here, but, can you do this in Poser 9 as well!?


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    No. Poser 9 can *make use of* weight maps, but cannot *create* them. In other words, you're dependent on other people's work.

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    Ah, oh well...

    I might upgrade at some point, so, I'll keep this thread around!


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