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    Pretty cooll, yeah! Thanks for the reply (I can see new life for most of my old content )

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    Is brad available yet? Last I heard of him was in the Antonia thread over at renderosity? He looks awesome

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    He could be very quickly, but he does not really have anything. But with this new stuff maybe people will be able to use him anyway. I had hoped I could just give him to SM and they could do something with him. I dont know.

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    Well if you can get philc to do a wardrobe wizzard plug in or even evilinnocence with crossdresser, then your in business

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    OK so on with the Pants. The auto setup in Poser Pro 2012 did an amazingly good job there are very few spots to work on.
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    Here is one spot that needs some work. We will fix this using our weight map tools in Poser Pro 2012
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    We get out our joint editor, that is where our weight mapping tools are. Choose the actors (body parts) you want to work on. This pose includes both x rotation and z rotation ( side to side and bend) So we will work on both the X weight map and the Z weight map. First I smooth it in both X andZ. Then you just switch back and forth between X and Z maps using your subtract, add and smooth tools for weight maps. It is a brush very much like the morph brush. Continue working on them in that manner until you get the desired result. You only have to do one side of the pants because you can use symmetry to transfer the work to the other side.

    You can also use the weight map to create wrinkles in the cloth. Very cool!
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    Well that was easy, all fixed. Now brad has a pair of pants that can move as well as he can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pjz99 View Post
    If you already know how to rig conformers via the "donor" method then you don't have anything new to learn before getting into weight mapping, you can go straight to it.
    The only feature I'm not fluent with is the "transfer grouping" one. Question to you "Ambassador" people: Is this reliable? Or is it rather a hit & miss job? Note I don't really care, I can easily group in C4D, but if Poser does this in a reliable (and symmetrical!) way, it sure speeds things up.

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    It worked well with the pants, and it is symmetrical. There is some stair stepping but I think it would be unavoidable with the pants in any case. I have not tried it yet on anything else. Personally if I were working on something very fine like a human figure I would still do it by hand. But the results I got with the pants aproximated the groups well and they are symmetrical.

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    After all the examples you have provided, you need to head over to your favorite "joint". Take the "weight" off your feet and let us buy you a beer.

    Plus I think it's possible that he has the 3 magic skulls and now has the ultimate power of the joint editor?

    thanks very much
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    Quote Originally Posted by yrt View Post
    The only feature I'm not fluent with is the "transfer grouping" one. Question to you "Ambassador" people: Is this reliable? Or is it rather a hit & miss job? Note I don't really care, I can easily group in C4D, but if Poser does this in a reliable (and symmetrical!) way, it sure speeds things up.
    If you're already comfortable doing your grouping by hand, you'll be fine. The auto group transfer is okay in many situations, but it will guess wrong in other circumstances - e.g. for a skirt, it will define a group for each leg and they'll be adjacent to each other. Since the adjacent groups are not parent/child, the mesh will break there, so it can't be relied on for all situations. Since weighting easily spans groups, it's no longer a big deal that your groups be absolutely perfect, but there are still a few caveats like that.

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    Thank you for posting this tutorial. I was expecting this.!

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    This is an impressive tutorial by one of the true wizards of rigging: Phantom3D. You've definitely got me salivating for this new weight-mapping feature: my goodness, that does look like it has some incredible capabilities. Dare I say it might even obviate the use of incredibly useful apps like WW or Crossdresser, as you've just demonstrated? Can't wait to get my copy of PP2012 and have a go at this tute... thanks again for posting it!!

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    Thanks for this great tutorial.
    We love Toons..and You ?

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    Thanks everyone. I have a few ideas for some experimental shuffling involving Wardrobe wizard, the setup room, and non supported figures, like Brad. If it turns out to work I will post the results and a walk through. I envision many new possibilities here

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    Now this just sold me on PP2012. I have tons of cloths and many figures that I have no or few clothes for so I will get PP2012.

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    One that comes instantly to mind is Miki 3 I hope this will work for her.

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    Does anyone know if the weight maps were strictly linear like ERC or if they behave more like PP2010's Master Parms feature?
    In other words, should I feel the need, can I tweak the weight map at multiple points in the channel, or are there just the two maps allowed; one at each extreme? I don't know that I'll ever need that, I am just curious.
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