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    Make any clothes fit any figure in Poser 2012


    I have a custom figure I made myself, Brad. I have weight mapped most of him. Poor Brad has no clothes, I have not the time to make everything for him myself. So I thought I would try borrowing some clothes. Ryan from Poser 8 has some pants that I really like But he is not weight mapped. Lets try the new features in Poser 2012 for creating conforming clothing.

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    Now as you can see, the two figures are very different. The zeroed pose for each does not match, and Brad is bigger and beefier than Ryan.
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    With Brad in the scene I load Ryans pants from the Poser 8 library. They are not weight mapped and they have different bones than Brad. But I translate the pants and pose them untill I get them as close to fitting Brad as I can.

    As you can see, they dont quite fit. Brad has a bit more in back than ryan did, and so it pokes through. We shall fix that.
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    With the pants selected open up your morphing tool. Now we can use the morphing tool to fix the areas that poke through. You only need to work on one side of the pants since you can mirror the results to the other side.

    Once you are satisfied and the pants fit fairly well we can go to the next step.
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    Now we want to export just the pants as an obj. So I delete brad from the scene. Leave the pants posed where they are. Restore the camera. Then export the pants as an obj. I choose the options.

    You will notice that the only option I have selected is to weld body part seams. There is a reason for that. I want the pants to be exported as they are, posed and morphed to fit Brad. I do not want any groups in the pants since they dont match Brads grouping. We will let Poser do the work in grouping the pants in a later step.
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    New scene. Next I import my pants obj from my desk top.

    Unselect everything on the selection list. I do this because I do not want anything changed in position or otherwise.
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    I now have a straight obj prop in my scene with no bones or groups. It is shaped to fit Brad. Next with the obj selected we go to the setup room. In the setup room select the figure you want the pants to conform to. In this case Brad. You will get a popup asking if you want to automatically group the geometry. Select yes.

    Poser will transfer the groups, rig the pants and transfer all weight maps and so on. So now I have a conforming pair of pants for Brad that match his bones and fit his figure. They should bend with him.
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    So how do they work? Well we shall see. Save the new conforming pants to the library. Open a new scene, and I load Brad. Next I drag the new pants from the library and drop them on Brad. And the pants do indeed conform to brad.

    They seem to do well in these poses I have tried. I see just a tiny bit of poke through on the right back leg. And I expect that in more extreme poses there may be more. I will continue this thread later to show you how to adjust the weight mapping in the pants to get rid of any poke through and to make the pants move even better.

    All in all some very good results that only took me maybe an hour. Brad now has a pair of weight mapped and conforming pants to wear.
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    WOW! Thanks for the walk through. I believe that even I could do this for myself. I will have to wait until next week to pre-buy, September to buy, and until October to try (due to work related time constraints). Thanks again for showing this. I bet you sold a whole lot of future copies of PoserPro 2012 today.

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    That's a good walkthrough Phantom3d, nice job

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    Thank you. I was just watching the video for that. Very impressive. Probably worth the price alone. More clothes for the lesser served characters.

    nobody1954 noob, but learning. Sloooooowly.

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    Very good tutorial. Thanks.

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    Nice. Now that will be very handy.
    It arrived on the 11 of Aug, still in the box because the room isn't done yet:
    Windows 7 Ult 64 bit.
    Intel i7-990X 3.46GHz, 12MB L2 Cache.
    12GB Tri Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1333MHz - 6 DIMMS.
    1GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450.
    2TB - 7200RPM, SATA 3.0Gb/s, 64MB Cache.
    So, PP2012 will have a good home (I hope).

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    Great tutorial. Thanks phantom3d.

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    Is the ability to do this mostly due to the new weight mapping? Looking at your workflow, it almost looks like much of this could have been done before, tho perhaps with more difficulty.

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    This is actually really nearly the same as rigging the conformer with the Poser 8/earlier rigging features, yes. The big difference is that the base character's weight map is projected outwards onto the conformer. If you already know how to rig conformers via the "donor" method then you don't have anything new to learn before getting into weight mapping, you can go straight to it.

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    thank you for showing - that looks really great - and looks as if someone who didnt any rigging before could also do it (with a bit more time for the first times) :-)
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    Thank you for this, it looks very interesting .... so, older conforming clothes made for older figures may be converted to newer figures this way?

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    I think weight map rigging is a bit easier than the traditional system with the influence spheres.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taniab View Post
    Thank you for this, it looks very interesting .... so, older conforming clothes made for older figures may be converted to newer figures this way?
    Yes any clothing can be converted this way. As lmkendall mentioned, this will be a great boon for many great figures that simply have no support. So if you have a figure that you really like but they dont have many items for them, this is your answer. Pretty cool.

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