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    SSS on Human Figures

    I will post demos of SSS on human figures here.

    Please note a couple things: I am inexperienced both with SSS and with the new software. The parameters and behaviors are still being finalized.

    But you will probably like to see my experiments.

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    Looks great Bagginsbill, can you show us a dark-skinned figure like Alisha or Olivia?

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    You know, I have to say that the thing I like most about the new SSS is that it really gives the skin depth and substance, like we're looking at an actual being rather than the shell of one. It's amazing how the effect is carried right to the very edge of the model, too, so that it looks just as amazing from any angle! Looking good!!

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    BB, how complicated is the node setup for the figures seen? Are we talking right out of the box simply adding a SSS node, or a bit more complicated?

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    There's a button in the side menu of the materials room that will create the SSS node and plug it into the alt diffuse. It will be connected to the first node that was plugged into the diffuse (ie. a texture map) and the diffuse will be set to 0. There are several parameters that can be adjusted on the node, but I've found it quite easy to use - will try to get a screenshot up later!
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    Quote Originally Posted by keith View Post
    BB, how complicated is the node setup for the figures seen? Are we talking right out of the box simply adding a SSS node, or a bit more complicated?
    Can't speak for BB's node setup, but here's a simple skin setup on Miki 3.
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    Here's a setup for a non-skin material.
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    Hey Stefan, are you using the default numbers in your renders? The pictures aren't large enough to see.
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    I am SO excited about this! Thank you SmithMicro for listening to our requests!

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    Basic skin is easy and there are many options, but there are subtle things to deal with. For example, if your figure has a terrible bump map, do you use it or use Turbulence? I almost always use Turbulence. I did so in all the renders above.

    My setup is a little more complicated, and also motivated somewhat by the fact that SM is introducing new options that I haven't even had a chance to test yet. It may get simpler in a day or two.

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    to me it just looks like wax

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    Wow, even Ben looks decent with SSS applied! Think you could post a K4 render?

    Also, I have a couple related questions: Will you be updatings VSS with true SSS, or will it even be necessary now? Eyes have SSS, right? Will the BBEye take that into account--or do refracting objects behave properly now so we can just apply refraction to the cornea? Thanks, I eagerly look forward to playing with this.
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    Can we see what it look like with a light coming from behind? That is a good test to see how it does with things like the ears, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poser_stefan View Post
    Here's a setup for a non-skin material.
    Wow, Nice, good jobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ad View Post
    to me it just looks like wax
    Me too. That's why they use wax to mimic skin in wax museums. Wax and skin are very similar.

    If I'm leaning toward wax instead of skin, it's because, as I said in the first post, I'm inexperienced with SSS in general.

    Also, I'm trying to show the scattering, so I'm kind of over-featuring it.

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    Wow, this looks so great! I always play around with shaders trying to make the skin look as realistic as possible and I see high potential in this

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