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    installing content into Poser 8

    So I got the French Village scene from content paradise and I'm having trouble actually getting it into my prop library. i opened the zip file, but must have done something wrong. I went to the content tab and used the install zip archive, it said it was successful, but I can't find it. Please give this new Poser user some help. I know I'm gonna want to get more material from that site. Thank you.

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    Actually, I never use the content tab.
    Do you remember where you installed your content library on installation? If you chose the default settings, it will be somewhere in your User folder.
    Look for a folder called "Runtime". The zip file contains a Runtime folder too. What is inside the zip Runtime has to go into your Poser Runtime. You can either unzip the file to the correct path so things will fall into place automatically, or you can unzip into a new folder and move the new Runtime folder over to merge it manually with the main Runtime folder.
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    So I got the scene into my prop library, thank you so much for your help. Now, I'm having another issue. I got some models as well, Victoria 4.2 Base and Stephanie 4 Elite Base. I tried to do the same thing, opened the zip file and put it in my Poser 8 Runtime folder, but it isn't showing up. When doing a character model is there a different procedure? Any assistance would be really appreciated. Thank you so much.

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    I think when you install from the content tab it gets installed to your Applications/Poser 8/Downloads/ folder.
    check that location for the files.
    in the library you can "add runtime" and select this folder. OR select any runtime folder for that matter, if you decide to keep your content runtimes elsewhere.

    Oops I posted this after you had responded back...

    so.. the thing with those 2 figures you mention. they have installers you have to run. When I install those figures I install them to a specific folder on a drive I reserve for Poser content and add to library as an external runtime. It ends up being easier to manage your purchased items in the long term if you always have a place for them instead of putting everything in with the Content that ships with Poser.
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    Since I am such a Rookie, I'm going to try to walk through this. Ok, so I got the model (Victoria4). I downloaded the zip file, and then opened the zip with stuffit. (The icon isn't a folder, it's a little computer with a box in front and an arrow). When I click on that it opens up the "Setup" program installer. Anyway, right now it looks like it is installed in the Poser8 runtime, runtime folder (if that makes any sense). I can see the French Village and the V3 folders in the Poser8 runtime (they work and appear in my Poser library). Did I just put it in the wrong runtime folder? I hope I am explaining this properly. This Forum has been so helpful to me and I'm hoping with some more help I can figure this out. Thank you so much. Sorry I'm a little slow.

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    It's aggravating to install stuff into Poser 8 sometimes. For the things that have to go into the main Poser program (V4, for example), I aim the installer at Smith Micro/Poser 8.

    But if I can, I 'extract all' to my desktop then drop the Runtime folder directly on the Smith Micro/Poser 8/Runtime folder.

    It's all worked so far.

    But sometimes things will go in your Downloads folder, if you don't watch out...that's why I like the 'extract all' drag and drop method. I know where that Runtime is gonna go. :-)

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    I know it can get very confusing but I'm hoping that I can help.

    It's probably like reading stereo instructions but honestly the Reference Manual under the "Help" menu in Poser is a good place to start. They have been trying much harder in later versions to make this more informative to read through.

    Poser 8 (and Pro) comes with 2 content libraries. These are called "Runtimes" because they start with a directory called "Runtime". It has its own native (or CORE) Library where Poser is installed - you'll see Poser.exe and several support extensions and a folder named "Runtime" there. You'll also see a "Downloads" folder and inside of that is another "runtime" and this is where most of products purchased from the Content Tab in Poser will install to.

    You can add as many additional Runtime libraries as you'd like to. This might sound confusing but it's really a matter of allowing you to organize things the way you want to. You might decided that you want all your 3rd party figures in one place and your hair content in another place and so on. The Reference Manual does a decent job at walking you through adding more runtimes.

    As far as content goes, I recommend going to Content Paradise if you want to shop there and not using the Content Tab. Mainly because you can download those zips and install them where you want them to go. If you have purchased something that improves or gives an alternative to the functionality of Poser, you should unzip them to the CORE Poser Runtime. Python scripts, for example. Clothes, Hair, Figures, Shaders, Vehicles, Buildings and other objects can pretty much go in any Runtime. It's always a good idea to glance at the readme or any included documentation of a product that you have purchased - sometimes good information can be found within. When in doubt, install to the CORE Poser Runtime.

    Extracting to a temporary folder (or desktop if you like) is always a good idea. Then move the content from that to your Runtime. If you have a decent zip application, you can often open with that (like a winzip, winrar, 7-zip, etc) and drag and drop into your Runtime. I use 7-Zip but I'm on Windows Vista.

    If you have left Poser open while installing content, it will not automatically refresh the library to show that the content has been installed. Either install content while Poser is closed OR fully close and re-open the Poser Library OR click the circular refresh arrow next to the folder that the very TOP of your Runtime.

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    Netherworks, I too am having problems to install my content into Poser 8 that I have just bought. I noticed you didnīt mention anything about the Poser Installation Setup folders, which is what complicates the matter. And although--according to the instructions--the content files are in the right place, they donīt show up in Poser.

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    You can install your content anywhere you like. You just have to tell Poser where it is.
    E.g. you installed your files into a folder called "PoserStuff". That means that in the library you have to click the "Add Runtime" button and add your "PoserStuff" folder. Then you can open that folder inside the Poser library and load the files.
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