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    Exclamation How do i instal Daz models into poser


    Ugh, i dont know how to install daz model into daz and export it into poser...if thats the right way to do it

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    Ehm... you mean you downloaded a purchased product or a freebie and you want to know how to install?
    You can't export from DAZ Studio to Poser, it only works the other way round. If you want to use a product in Poser, you have to load it from the Poser library.

    Usually you get zip files (only DAZ does exe installers for Windows). You have to unzip them into your Poser directory. I don't know the path of your installation, but it's always a good idea to use external runtimes (= content folders).

    For example: I have a folder called "Women", and when I have a zip file with a woman's dress I unzip it into that folder "Women". The file usually unzips, generating a folder called "Runtime" with various subfolders.
    Then in Poser you can add this Runtime, by pointing it to the correct path for the "Women" folder. And then you can load the dress or whatever it is you installed, directly from the Poser library.

    Most of the 3D stuff that can be used in DAZ Studio works in Poser too. The only exceptions are light sets, special materials and of course software plugins.
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    Not quite sure if i understand

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    Well, if you were a bit more specific it would be easier to help
    What exactly do you want to do?
    Do you need help with installing a product? Or did you install it and can't find it now?
    What kind of model is it? What software version are you using (OS & Poser)?
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    im using windows 7, Poser Pro

    All i want to know is how to get the Daz 3d models/figures so that i can animate them

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    If you are referring to the content that came installed with DAZ Studio, you can't use that stuff in Poser. As esha points out, it isn't a two way street.

    If you want them in Poser, you buy them, from DAZ and install them to Poser. The base meshes are all free. So you add to cart and pay $0 on checkout. Morphs, high quality textures, clothes, hair, accessories, props, etc. cost $$, but look around, there are plenty of high-quality freebies available all over the place -- including here, if money is the concern.

    Did that answer your question?

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    Oh thats great! ill search for free ones later but...

    if i DID buy one of their models, are you saying i can install it into poser as well?...i probably wont buy it but i just want to know because maybe far in the future i will

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    and also

    Do you know any places that you recommend for good quality figures?

    EDIT: Oops, forgot to edit my last post instead of making a new one

    EDIT2: -Slaps head- i got it now! finally....thanks for the help anyway guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by xukobi View Post
    if i DID buy one of their models, are you saying i can install it into poser as well?
    Yes. Only very few products don't work in Poser, e.g. special light sets or shaders, and in that case you'll find a notice on the product page. Make sure you read all the description before you buy anything
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