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    Re: Wet Skin Shader

    i was thinking that maybe to connect the material to the reflection to get the material under the drop. then on top of that to make some reflection for the water.

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    Re: Wet Skin Shader

    The shader tree you connect to the Reflect node does not define what is under the reflection. It defines what to yield if there is nothing to reflect.

    Nor can you hope to connect the "skin" to the Refract node- since it will not hit the skin. It is the skin.

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    Re: Wet Skin Shader

    can you show us your shader?

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    Re: Wet Skin Shader

    23. Re: Wet Skin Shader by dark_b on 06/09/08 09:25

    can you show us your shader?

    Has this been updated? If so is the shader availble?

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    Re: Wet Skin Shader

    I don't know what to do about this. The droplets are all mixed up with the subsurface scattering, the gamma correction, the Fresnel reflection, blah blah blah.

    I doubt anybody could make sense of this. I barely understand this shader at this point.

    You probably just want to wait until I make this part of VSS (which needs finishing.) Then you can just "click once" to use it on the figure. (You do *NOT* want to be loading this on each and every skin material zone and trying to manage the settings across all of them.)
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    Re: Wet Skin Shader

    Hi bagginsbill.

    Just wanted to say hi and thank you for your input on this subject. I'm a new Poser 6 user trying to make the transition from DAZ Studio and am very interested in the wet skin effect. I found a free shader and played with the settings to get this effect, but it just doesn't have the impact I'd hoped for.

    Looking forward to more on this subject.

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    Re: Wet Skin Shader

    Looks like I am going to resurrect another old thread :) I STILL have not tried VSS so I am wondering if this was included with that? I tried doing this effect with bagginsbill leg "hose" shader but that was way too strong.

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    what about creating water droplets via nodes that are shaded from black (edges) to white (centre) and using this to actively "warp" via scaling the texture map applied to the model. use an edge blend node to control the degree of warping based on the angle to the camera. use this to give the water droplets what seems like refraction, without actually using refraction. and then use another edge blend node to make the water droplets actually see-through when they are right on the edge of the model. use displacement to give the water droplets actual shape, and then a reflect node to give reflections.

    I might play with this tonight. in theory this should work

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    Quote Originally Posted by bagginsbill View Post
    I don't know. Nobody has worked this out yet. I'm closer than I ever was, but I'm still not happy with it.

    The problem is how to simulate thousands of 3-dimensional squashed balls made of water, on top of the skin. You can pretty easily do this if you have two skins. But one geometry pretending to be two - that's the tricky part.
    That got me thinking. In the past, I've used a second version of the character with exactly the same morphs and in the same location to provide a "second skin". (This was for mud on some jeans, but it was the same basic idea.)

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