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    Memory errors with Poser 7

    Hi all,

    Recently while working on a specific project, I've been getting a lot of memory errors, such as like ones that say that the texture can't be found or out of memory to load. I'm pretty sure all of the textures are correct and in their correct folders, etc.

    I'm wondering what would be the correct settings in "General Preferences" under the "Render" tab for my computer. I'm running an Intel Duo Core with 4 Gigs of DDR2 RAM.

    Thanks in advance! :)


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    Re: Memory errors with Poser 7

    Unless you are running Windows Vista, you won't be able to access more than about 2 gigs of that memory anyway. However there are a number of other issues that can cause memory errors, even if all the horsepower is aimed at Poser.

    Poser's memory management has always been a bit squitchy, and the present release has done only a little to fix that. Rendering in a separate process may improve your operation some, however if you have a large number of figures and objects, multiple lights, and high resolution textures on the objects, Poser is going to run out of juice. -R

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    Re: Memory errors with Poser 7

    Stewer posted a while ago about an unsupported trick to increase the memory available... But unless you don't have lots of figures and different materials, it won't solve your memory issue.

    I found that, sometime, Poser wasn't able to locate a texture even if it was at a correct place. Sometimes, saving, exiting Poser, restarting it and reopen the file solved this.

    Rendering in a separate process may solve this, but you must be aware that you won't have the 'adaptive bucket size'. So use a low bucket size.

    Last (but not least), what are your render settings ?

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    Re: Memory errors with Poser 7

    Wow, thanks for the reply both of you! :)

    I'm running Windows Vista. Mostly it runs okay unless I'm trying to select one of the menus up at the top (it's a tad slow with that) and the "location/memory errors" when I render. I notice that the service release really hasn't fixed some of these problems. I'm just using mostly one figure and simple props, which is why I question why it's giving me these errors.

    I think I missed Stewer's post. Do you happen to have the link where I could find this "unsupported trick"?

    Wow it sounds like that's a bug in Poser 7 or that it occassionally hiccups. Is there any adaptive threshold setting that you would suggest with the ammount of memory I have? Right now the bucket size is 32. :)

    My render settings are set for previews mostly, so it's set kinda halfway. Cast Shadows is on, Raytracing is on, the Raytrace Bounces is low (at 2 I believe), Irradiance caching is 50, Pixel Samples 3, Min Shading rate 1.00, Bucket size is 64 for this project.

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    Re: Memory errors with Poser 7

    OK... And how many items do you have in the scene ?

    Do you know what it the texture raising the error ? If yes, could you try to change the texture and render ?

    Here is the post... But I'm just discovering that it was designed for Poser 6. Don't know if they made the 'hack' already for Poser 7.

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    Re: Memory errors with Poser 7

    So far the figure, and at times just clothing items (shirt, pants, shoes, hat, etc.). Although I've been turning off all of the clothing props to help speed things up a little.

    It's three textures I think: A transmap for the eyes, some reflection texture for the earrings, and one of the maps for IBL lighting.

    Ah okay, well thanks for the link! :) I'll check it out.

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    Re: Memory errors with Poser 7

    Stewers hack was for Windows XP also, if I recall correctly. If you are already using Vista, then it's not going to be much help.

    I would point out that Vista and Poser 7 are technically "unsupported", particularly if you are running Vista in 64-bit. Poser 7 is 32-bit only, and runs in emulation mode on Vista64. "Unsupported" basically means that EF didn't test the thing on Vista because Vista wasn't released, so they don't really know if it works right or not.

    I have noticed that for some inexplicable reason, Poser 7 can develop a massive number of temp files that do not get cleared away. These tend to pile up in the users Temp folder. I was unaware of this until I started cleaning my laptop the other day in prep for installing some new toys, and found 8 GIGABYTES of Poser temp files.

    Since I had not crashed Poser fifty or so times on the project in question, I am at a complete loss as to why these 50+ temp files were left over, because I run Poser very "lean". That is, I keep undos down to a minimum (around 5 to 10) and cached renders to about 5 (I figure if I'm going over 5, I can save the picture out and compare it in Photoshop).

    So, you might want to take a look at your temp folder and see if you have a lot of junk in there. I don't know that it will improve the rendering speed or prevent memory errors, but it's another place to look for Poser glitches.

    As to where Temp is stored in Vista, I am not sure. I've used it only in test mode and do not have (nor am likely to have) Poser set up on it. -R

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    Re: Memory errors with Poser 7

    Thanks Relik for the information and your reply! :)

    That's understandable. Thankfully I'm running Windows 32 Bit. :)

    Thanks also for the tip about the temp folder. I just saw something that had to do with that the other day. But I didn't think on that it might could cause problems. I'll have to see about emptying it out.

    That's okay. I can find where the temp folder is in my Poser preferences. Generally Poser works okay in Vista for me, just these memory errors and a few slow times. It has improved a little (or so I think?) after changing the paging file settings in my PC's settings. It was too low before.

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    Re: Memory errors with Poser 7

    If you get the error that is explained here then it most likely has nothing to do with P7 or the available memory at all. I've been getting the error when I had lot;s of memory left on my pc. Even though the error mentioned is in Poser Pro, it's the same problems in P7. I've been given a suggestion, followed it and the errors have gone.

    The problem is with the way the cr2 (when it's a character), pz2 (when it's a pose) or pp2 (when it's a prop) was written, the references are wrong. You can find those in folders where your runtime(s) have been installed into and they can be opened en edited with a simple text editor.

    There's a lot of text in the file, but you need to locate the references to the materials used, most of the time it will be an image in jpg format. The lines you looking for are something like this:

    textureMap ":Runtime:textures:DAZ:Props:Nature:LB_Oak:LB_OakLe afPile.jpg"
    or transparencyMap ":Runtime:textures:DAZ:Props:Nature:LB_Oak:LB_OakLe afPileTR.jpg"

    The :Runtime:textures is the important part, if it is missing it will cause out of memory or texture could not be found errors.

    Your cr2/pz2/pp2 may look like this:
    textureMap ":DAZ:Props:Nature:LB_Oak:LB_OakLeafPile.jpg", if that is the case you need to add :Runtime:textures to it as in the first correct example. Often there are more the one texture/transparancy/bumpmap referenced and they all need to be changed. But once I added the :Runtime:Geometries, I haven't got the memory error anymore.

    Be carefull, there also is a line looking like this: :Runtime:Geometries:DAZProps:Nature:LB_Leafpile.ob j
    make sure you don't change it as the others!

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    Re: Memory errors with Poser 7

    Yeah, that is pretty much the error I get. I have been wondering if changing the memory could help it's performance.

    Thanks for the tips and examples! I'll have to look into that. :)


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