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  1. butterflyqueen
    Hi Netherworks, I have a question about your Spawn 2.0 product. I would like to know if it is able to create morphs inject and remove poses for Dawn that are legal to sell?
  2. michelle
    Hi netherworks...
    sorry for disturb.. I would ask you if is possible that you create Hair Conversion System for Ang2

    please, consider my request.. I hope its

    thanks in advance... best regards
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About netherworks

Shreveport, LA

3D Enthusiast - all ranges of Poser Product creation, Gamer Geek - Shooters/RPGs, Hard Rock/Metal/Ep
Epica, The Pixies, HorrorPops, Dance Hall Crashers, Koffin Kats, Electric Six, Rush, and other assorted randomness.
Mostly enjoy Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I suppose I gravitate towards certain directors: Robert Rodriquez, Quentin Tarantino, Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Jackson, Sam Raimi, and James Cameron (not Titanic though)
Pit Boss, Mythbusters, Pawn Stars, Chopped, Restaurant Impossible, Bizarre Foods.
What is this "Books" thing you speak of?
People that do things for the right reasons solely because it is the RIGHT thing to do
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3D Digital Design
I can readz lettrs and addz numberz. :D


My Store - Utilities - RDNA Pro - Dawn Stuff - Facebook - Contact

"I'll do a 'thing'." - The Doctor
"What 'thing'?" - River Song
"I don't know... it's a 'thing' in progress! Respect the 'thing'." - The Doctor

- Doctor Who, "Flesh and Stone"



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File Date Downloads
Explore Library : Explore Library is a simple script that allows you to open the Current Library in Poser in Windows Explorer. It can easily be made as a button on your Python Scripts Palette in Poser (using Scripts-P ... 05-23-2010 131
MinPoserLib : MinPoserLib 1.2 Poser Version: Poser Pro 2010, 64bit OS: Windows Only MinPoserLib is actually not a script, but a stand-alone application that runs in the windows task tray that will automaticall ... 07-20-2010 96
Wheel Testing Utility : This is a simple freebie for testing whether or not your mouse wheel is supported in wxPython. It doesn't have any other function that telling you if it reads your wheel being turned up or down. It ... 02-28-2011 50
The Witching Hat - DS Update : This is a small package to make The Witching Hat compatible with DAZ Studio 2.3 or higher. Includes: 14 MOR Files in Pose/Seasons/MOR WitchingHat. This are "Fit To" Files as the Fitting Dials in ... 10-08-2010 57
Togglez Favorites Editor : Togglez Favorites Editor is a free add-on for Togglez that allows you to re-order or remove entries from Togglez' Favorite List. It provides a simple editor interface that loads the Favorites and all ... 08-15-2011 27
Antonia Master Groups Pose : This freebie for Antonia is a companion Pose file for use with one or more Morph Packs for Antonia by Netherworks Studios. Basically, after you use PMD injections, you can use this Pose File to set u ... 10-18-2011 51
Antonia Joint Limits Pose : This is simply a utility Pose which applies recommended Joint Limits to Antonia. Useful for Animators, those using IK, folks using Limits to Create Poses, Clothing Designers and for product limits te ... 10-18-2011 53
Texture Filtering Toy (Scene Toy Add-On) : FREE Add-On for Netherworks' Scene Toy, available in the Runtime DNA store! This add-on allows you to change the texture filtering on all image maps of all materials for all selected figures and prop ... 12-19-2011 40
NeoRings for Michelle : This is a freebie package that was originally done in 2003! It has been updated and modernized to work with the newer versions of Poser and is IDL-friendly. Package contains 5 pairs of smart-propped ... 08-02-2012 57

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DVD/Blu-Ray Commentary... Stop watching the movie!

by netherworks on 09-21-2011 at 12:36 AM
I've been doing this thing lately where I watch all my old horror movies and if they have an audio commentary track, I play the movie again with that going (really I'm usually working so I *listen* to them more than watch them).

What bothers me is when the speakers have a LONG pause, like they are just watching the movie. I mean, of course you have to be commenting on what is going on, but sometimes it's just SO obvious (to me) that they are just watching the movie... and that's my

Read More

Streamlined Parameters Panel for P8/Pro2010

by netherworks on 08-07-2010 at 02:17 AM

A PDF of this tutorial can be downloaded HERE (right-click, save as).

This is a hack or modification to the Poser UI to give a more streamlined Parameters Panel and save you some real estate so that you can see more dials at one time. This is for Poser 8 and Poser Pro 2010 only.

Think of this as a "flat" style. You "turn dials" by clicking and dragging across the dial name.

Read More

Dancing with the Python

by netherworks on 06-29-2010 at 05:01 AM
Just a little blog entry about Python scripting. I hope you didn't come here looking for snakes or for pictures of me dancing with them

I have been making a lot of scripts lately, as in the last several months. Some are old things that I tried to do months or years ago and at the time just didn't have the technical know-how to accomplish.

It's funny how the mind works, or let me say more specifically... how MY mind words. Sometimes it just takes a while for things

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Musings , Technicity

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