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I've been doing this thing lately where I watch all my old horror movies and if they have an audio commentary track, I play the movie again with that going (really I'm usually working so I *listen* to them more than watch them).

What bothers me is when the speakers have a LONG pause, like they are just watching the movie. I mean, of course you have to be commenting on what is going on, but sometimes it's just SO obvious (to me) that they are just watching the movie... and that's my job... Isn't it?
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    What was the name of the show where 3 little talking heads, yacked it up while the movie played on?

    I have never played a 'commentary on' run-through. Seemed to me I want to be the one to see all is there, not have someone else point it out to me. That would be like taking a ride at Disneyland (or the like) with a voice saying in the speaker "watch out, there is a ghost sitting next to you!". lol

    Yea, watching the movie IS my job.

    'Side, I think T and I provide more than enough commentaries between us while watching

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