When should one learn to texture? -- A humous look at learning

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How hard can it be, texturing as the real texture artists do? Of course you would need to understand what it is to texture a model, then try to understand just how they get those depths and shine levels, shapes and design. In fact some of the models which
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  1. Redspark's Avatar
    I love Blacksmith but I suck at texturing. I have such a hard time with it. But I do love Blacksmith's layering feature. Very useful but it sucks up a lot of disk space. I have a tablet kicking around here somewheres. I should really learn to use it.
  2. Admin-Aine's Avatar
    Didn't get to use layering this time around, but will do so when something presents itself and is in need of a texture. Once this was textured, I could jump back into my comfort zone of face morphs. I had tons of fun with the adventure into the texture wo
  3. lizziep's Avatar
    All this time I've been texturing in Photoshop then loading in Poser or Deep Paint 3D to check for seams then back to Photoshop. Something tells me I need to look into this Blacksmith program... sounds VERY interesting.
  4. Admin-Aine's Avatar
    Another way to view your textures (at least a page/map at a time) is UVmapper. I have been using it to view seams and adjust back in Corel Photo Paint. All need be done there is load the model UVM, then open Corel, load the map, select all (all layers), c
  5. lizziep's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by admin-aine
    Isn't Deep Paint the upper end of what one can use in working these? I had always thought it was.
    Not sure, I have an older version of it and still haven't figured out how to use it properly.

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