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...continued from our Blog intro...

Ok. You're poking around RDNA and you come across something nasty. Maybe it makes you a little nervous, maybe it looks like something that would eat you before you had time to scream, but then again, maybe it looks like something you're just twisted enough to find intriguing, and maybe, just maybe, it's just what you were looking for. If it's monstrous, demonic, aggressive or otherwise out of the ordinary in the world of Poser or Daz Studio, there's a good chance you've ran across something of ours.

Rebekah and I have been producing content for Poser and to a lesser degree, Daz Studio, for the better part of the last 10 years professionally, and I personally have been building, tweaking and occasionally smashing the hell out of Poser content since the first version came out more years ago than I care to recall. From the outset, It's been my personal mission to look at where the pack is running, and hi-tail it the other way, sniffing out my own morbid trail through the world of 3D content creation. Along the way I've have the good fortune to work on projects ranging from some really cool animated feature films, to commercials and even (yes, I'm a HUGE metal-head) was lead character designer/technical director/animator and assistant director on a video for the band Judas Priest. In the world of Poser, I've done my time in the corporate mines, providing consultation and frightening amounts of content to every owner of the Poser franchise since and including Curious Labs.

Nowadays, though, I'm strictly on my own, thoroughly devoted to creating the most intense, interesting, edgy content experience I can for users looking for that other path, not content with the safety of the "norm". This blog will be my ongoing sounding board here at RDNA, a place that was founded by longtime friends and associates of mine in this business, and which I'm very glad to call home to the vast majority of my work these days.

So stick around, check out whatever entries get posted here. Sometimes you'll hear from me, others Rebekah. You'll find us posting stories taking you on the journey through our particular universe of the strange, fantastic and macabre, posting links to or images from users of our work that we find particularly interesting or creative, as well as occasionally discussing various technical aspects of both the art of content creation and of producing final images and animations using a variety of 3D tools.

Thanks for stopping by here's wishing you all the best nightmares we can help you find.



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