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Secondhand Do's -- A Christmas Story

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In tatters sat a rather common man,
Life had dealt him a hard cold hand.
Gone was his life, of family and wealth,
Gone was his job, and most of his health.

He ask of no one to give him a hand,
Instead he felt he had a good plan.
He gathered items found in the dump,
And with simple tools, fix them right up.

Placed them gently into a sack,
And carried them around much like a pack.
Tried several corners days before,
He found this little place which seemed to score.

Wind, rain, sun, and snow,
In all these, you would find him so.
Except for fog, there he sat;
Panhandling out of a sack.

In fog, he would pack it up,
For no passerby would ever stop.
If ask why this was so,
He would shrug, They can't see me, you know.

Friend to all who lived in these parts,
His watchful eye gave thieves a start.
Kids around always knew,
If they needed help, he would come through.

Little ones lost, would be found,
He would take them on to safer grounds.
For these things he would take no pay.
If they tried he would only say,

"In life, there is no joy greater,
Then seeing a family back together."
A long 9 years, his presents was there,
Gaining enough for a dinner shared;

With any stray which would happen by,
Enjoying the company to make mealtime fly.
But one day, he was gone.
Not even a sign to say so long.

Everyone around wanted to know,
Just what had happened, why did he go?
Weeks later on the TV News,
Jarvis stood with a few news crews.

Speaking softly with a bit of a sigh,
He spilled his tale with a twinkly eye.
"I had made a sale worth millions in fact.
Some crazy item found deep in my pack.

Most of the cash away I gave,
But kept enough so this place was paid.
A small little shop just for repairs,
Which I will staff with homeless around there."

This Christmas time story, aired Christmas eve,
Telling of how giving, one can receive.
His little shop, not so small anymore
For all those who worked here gave back ten score.

Now you know the story, told and is true,
Gram pa Jarvis and the "Second-Hand Do's"
That is his picture, there on the wall.
Prominently placed to be seen by all.

This place is of hope, here we repair;
Not just the items, but lives with care.
Because Gram pa Jarvis always said,
"When life's little horrors leave you spinning in dread.

Paid work enough for clothing and food,
To keep your head up will change your mood.
You should have a place where you can go,
To hold your head up, while your soul you re-grow."-- Aine 2010
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