Easier said then Done

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Don't you just love those people that you encounter during your life that feel the need to give you unsolicited (and almost always stupid) advice? You know the ones I mean.. like the person behind you in line at the grocery store, who sees you have Dandru
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  1. lzy724's Avatar
    While I can srsly understand where you are coming from, this really made me LOL...

    I dont have kids, never attempt to tell folks what to do with theirs.

    My mother always try to do stuff like that, not so much of the... "I would do this, or that" b
  2. lostsouls's Avatar
    ehehe ,,, sounds so familar ... i have " only" two kids ..two boys ... my youngest is hyperactive , social disordered and def ... and .. highly intelligent ... dangerous mix ... and i stoped beeing polite when he was in the age of 4 or 5 .Cause .. it j
  3. taria's Avatar
    dont worry about other people, you know your kids better then anybody else around. you keep doing what you know best. your a good mom.
  4. 3-darena's Avatar
    I can totally relate to that! When my boys were young (about 6 & 8 ) we were in the grocery store. It was a Sunday so they had their little suits on and looked so cute. Well, I have/had a rule that they were to stay by me at the store, no wandering off
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