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I wanna be a paperback writer... Part 2

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As requested, here's some of my character concept art.

First from Journeys of Shelby Bly, here are Shelby and Jace:

Here's some from Into the Unknown. This is Alexis, Stella, and Neema.

All of the concept art for Into the Unknown is on its own website, www.intotheunknown.info
The concept art for Journeys is on my main site.
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  1. missb's Avatar
    Oh these are looking really nice. I especially like your "cat lady". Very nice Lizzie. I look forward to seeing more.
  2. batronyx's Avatar
    Nice indeed.

    You might find this newish blog interesting ( 3 posts so far ). You can join the Comic Revolution 2012. A spinoff of the "Friends of Lulu" ( which I confess to know little about ) supporting comic by women. Sounds to me like it might be right up your alley. It's run by a writer for Marvel comics. I've been following her Occasional Superheroine ( which you might also like ) blog for a while.

    I've been known to be wrong in the past, but I wanted to offer some kind of friendly encouragement.
    Particulary since

    a) I like reading a good story, especially one with pictures so I like to encourage this sort of thing and

    b) I got the first newsletter today; a numbered list of random items of interest. Number 3 was . . .
    3. Now Is The Time To Create Your Comic Book!
    ( or in your case Graphic Novel )
    . . .followed by a nice encouraging paragraph.

    Now show us what you've got

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