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I wanna be a paperback writer...

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Or I should say "graphic novelist" but that's not how the tune goes.

In between commercial projects, and because I have no social life, I'm working on two graphic novels with another on the back-burner. One will be my first attempt at an original science fiction story and the other is my first serious attempt at an adventure/action/mystery/you-name-it-I've-got-it type story. I'm still in the midst of writing the sci-fi graphic novel but I've got the story for the second finished. Once I get a few more commercial projects finished, I'll start on the illustrations for it.

I guess the main reason I'm posting this is a need for advice. Advice on writing, illustrating, anything really. You talk, I listen. I live to learn and create.

Here's a synopsis of each story:

1. Journeys of Shelby Bly - The story is set in the present day and stars a young and naive archaeology student from the midwest named Shelby Bly whose estranged father is the world famous explorer, Dr. David Bly. The story begins with Shelby and Dr. Bly meeting for the first time in countless years at a dig in Arizona where they are trying to get to know each other... then all hell breaks loose. David Bly has promised his daughter that, once they met, her life would never be the same. If he only knew how right he would be as Shelby embarks on a grand adventure to discover the truth about the past, her father, and herself.

This will be Shelby's first adventure and she has no idea what she's gotten herself into or just what she's capable of. Thankfully, she her new friend Jace Roberts is there to help her through this ordeal. Join Shelby as she travels the world to discover the secret of the Vril-ya while staying one step ahead of the villainous Luisa Marinella and another mysterious foe who will stop at nothing to keep the Vril-ya a secret forever.

2. Into the Unknown - The year is 2110. Man has developed ships that are capable of traveling from star to star in a matter of hours. Earth has entered into a loose co-op of planets known at the Interstellar Union in order to further space technology and exploration. To be a part of the Interstellar Union's Exploration Corps. is a dream that many share.

Dr. Alexis Saffron does not share this dream as just the thought of space travel terrifies her. She has spent the last few years working on a research project for a private company. When her research becomes too controversial, the board of directors decides to put a stop to it and fire her. Losing her temper with her boss over getting fired was the last thing she needed, he's vowed to make sure no other company will hire her. What will she do now? Where will she go?

Alexis is out of options, the only way she can continue to be a scientist is to join the Exploration Corps. Will she be able to get over her fears about space? Will they even accept her? Only time will tell for sure.

Sound interesting? If you like (and by like I mean leaving a comment) I can post some of my concept art for the novels. I'm working on a few pieces right now.
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  1. missb's Avatar
    Oh Lizzie, both sound really interesting. I'm already a fan of your online graphic novels, so I would love to see some concept art for the 2 new ones.

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