Dancing with the Python

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Just a little blog entry about Python scripting. I hope you didn't come here looking for snakes or for pictures of me dancing with them :D

I have been making a lot of scripts lately, as in the last several months. Some are old things that I tried to do
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  1. Secretheart's Avatar
    This is a fantastic post! I've been using your scripts here and there for about a million years and I have never been dissapointed. Thanks for the peek into your brain... you should probably have that surgically closed back up though, wouldn't want t
  2. demonicaevilius's Avatar
    I love your scripts :) (And I'm on a mac shhhh! lol) .. I too am fascinated by code (haven't gotten the time to look into python very much yet, but I want to!)

    Interesting read! Oh and I also say 'Bleh' out loud a lot (amongst other random weirdness! hah
  3. netherworks's Avatar
    Thanks gals!

    Yeah, I do try when possible to have things mac-friendly. It really bothers me that python is cross-platform but there are enough differences that "cross-platform" really means "pray it works". I would love to have a mac-tester that is pat
  4. demonicaevilius's Avatar
    Sorry I didnt see this comment lol, I would love to test your stuff on a mac for you :) I really enjoy testing semidieus stuff and I am in awe of you python wizards!! haha :D

    I have some of your stuff already (magnet sets and things) and most work on the
  5. netherworks's Avatar
    I had a very gratious individual offer to test on the Mac for me. I got so mad. Not at ALL at him. Just mad at the differences across the OS'es and that for a cross-OS language, it is still so tricky. It is tricky enough to get things to work in vario

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