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Just a little blog entry about Python scripting. I hope you didn't come here looking for snakes or for pictures of me dancing with them

I have been making a lot of scripts lately, as in the last several months. Some are old things that I tried to do months or years ago and at the time just didn't have the technical know-how to accomplish.

It's funny how the mind works, or let me say more specifically... how MY mind words. Sometimes it just takes a while for things to click. On more than one occasion I say "Bleh" and kinda walk away for a bit. Yes, I actually say "Bleh" out loud.

Math wasn't my strongest suit back in school, which is when Sabertooth Tigers were still roaming the earth. Lets make that Algebra. Never had a problem with the basic things and those I obviously used on a daily basis. Algebra though was tricky. I didn't see a lot of direct application in what I was learning at the time so without that, I just said "Bleh".

However, when I started writing scripts, I could see the results. They were doing something and then all the logic started to make sense. I've also gotten better and more efficient at stringing the code together, even when I go back a few months and sometimes even weeks to see what I did before.

Sometimes it's a real chore getting whats in your head into the code and making it bend to your will. "No no no, you silly script. I really wanted THIS". At other times you have to work around limitations, which happens a LOT with Poser Python. See, not everything that you can do in Poser (like commands) is "exposed" so you have to figure out how to go around it, even if you have to make your scripts create temporary files in order to wing it. It's challenging but in a fun, challenging way. You know, except for this big clump of hair I yanked out of my head the other day... not a fun scripting session...

Anyways, I have a lot of neat things that I have to get out my mind and into a script or two. I like to find solutions to typical Poser problems or discover new ways to make poser sessions flow better. Or "hey, yeah I like that idea there but I think I can make it just a wee bit more effective". Why can't I just save a whole pile of magnets at one time without checking all those little friggen boxes? Mwahaha, I can now

I think that in the near future you will see some of this things arrive at Runtime DNA. Camera Panel landed here and so did Scripts-Palette Master and there is surely more to come.

Some of them will be in-house tools... "We must keep some secrets. yesssss... precious...."

Some of them will be utilities encorporated into clothing, figure or deformer packages. If I can reasonably make it easier to use, without great issues, then it will probably go in there.

Anyways, scripting has been on my mind a lot and I just feel like musing about it a bit. I often get fascinated with it.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Secretheart's Avatar
    This is a fantastic post! I've been using your scripts here and there for about a million years and I have never been dissapointed. Thanks for the peek into your brain... you should probably have that surgically closed back up though, wouldn't want to get any dust in there.
  2. demonicaevilius's Avatar
    I love your scripts (And I'm on a mac shhhh! lol) .. I too am fascinated by code (haven't gotten the time to look into python very much yet, but I want to!)

    Interesting read! Oh and I also say 'Bleh' out loud a lot (amongst other random weirdness! haha)
  3. netherworks's Avatar
    Thanks gals!

    Yeah, I do try when possible to have things mac-friendly. It really bothers me that python is cross-platform but there are enough differences that "cross-platform" really means "pray it works". I would love to have a mac-tester that is patient with me and can look through my scripts. If you are interested or know anyone that would be, throw me a "hey there!"

    My latest script I hope will be interesting and useful... and possibly elegant in its simplicity. I'm tackling a problem that I used to try and solve with pose files around the V2 era.
  4. demonicaevilius's Avatar
    Sorry I didnt see this comment lol, I would love to test your stuff on a mac for you I really enjoy testing semidieus stuff and I am in awe of you python wizards!! haha

    I have some of your stuff already (magnet sets and things) and most work on the mac just a few lil *quirks* lol .... yeah I get you @ cross platform meaning not really lol, I get the same kinda thing dealing with IE's erm uniqueness (web design lol)

    Shoot me a PM with anything you want checked out on a mac
  5. netherworks's Avatar
    I had a very gratious individual offer to test on the Mac for me. I got so mad. Not at ALL at him. Just mad at the differences across the OS'es and that for a cross-OS language, it is still so tricky. It is tricky enough to get things to work in various flavors of Windows and across 4 versions of Poser (and I'm just talking Poser7, Poser Pro, Poser 8 and Pro 2010) and then without an actual physical Mac to look on, I'm not sure if there are issues across its "versions".

    Most of the issues that I run into come up when it has to do with system specific features: Saving and Loading, Dialog window loading, creating directories and things like that. The completely internal Poser methods that do not leave the scene seem to work fine across platforms. There are also HUGE issues if I write Tkinter, which is the native method to my understanding of python GUI creation. I have been trying to stick with standard Poser dialog boxes and trying to creep into wxpython, however that would leave Poser 7/Pro users out. I often have to "play off of" the Python Palette as some sort of GUI to make things universal.

    I'd love to have you involved!

    I totally do not see this solely from a Windows perspective. It must be equally frustrating for Mac programmers to write things that work in windows. Its very hard for us all to "get along" when the software really does not, at its core, have the universal approach that it should.

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