Streamlined Parameters Panel for P8/Pro2010

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A PDF of this tutorial can be downloaded HERE (right-click, save as).

This is a hack or modification to the Poser UI to give a more streamlined Parameters Panel and save you some real estate so that you can see more dials at one time. This is for Poser 8 and Poser Pro 2010 only.

Think of this as a "flat" style. You "turn dials" by clicking and dragging across the dial name. The "nudge arrows" are retained. This modification may require you to expand the width of the parameters panel a bit but I think that the savings are worth it!

It does give up one thing, the dependent parameters icon, simply because I could not get it to align properly. You still can "Edit Dependencies" from the dial menu. If someone wants to fool around with this tutorial and get the icon to align properly, comment on this blog!

This tutorial is intended to instruct you how to modify your own program. I will not share modified files but this is easy and you can do it on your own! Follow these instructions to the letter.

This was written using a PC. I don't know if this works similarly on mac. If a mac user wants to try this and it works, please comment on the blog.

Tools Required:

- A text editor (please use something other than Notepad that comes with windows). Notepad++ is free software under the GPL license and I highly recommend it:
- Photoshop. I am unsure if Paint Shop Pro or Gimp or other programs will work correctly.

Backup the Original Files:

Head over to Runtime/UI in your main Poser 8 or Poser Pro 2010 installation and backup these files (copy and paste them somewhere, zip them up or what-have-you):


You may need to restore them before applying any future Poser Service Releases.

Close Poser

Close the Poser application while doing this in order to see the changes.

Part One: Modify the PSD

- Open photoshop and load 24000_parmDialPrefs.psd.
- Do a Select All (Ctrl+A).
- In the Layers Palette, select 24005_DialGradient and in the Edit menu, choose Clear. Do not delete this layer, change the opacity or anything else. You must use Clear.
- Do the same for orig_20004_Dial (you may wish to re-hide it), 24004_Dial and 24006_DialBackground.
- Save 24000_parmDialPrefs.psd.

Part Two: Modify the XML

- Open parmDialPrefs.xml in your text editor.
- From lines 3 to 4, replace this:

with this:

- At line 28, replace this:

with this:

- At line 37, replace this:

with this:

- At line 40, replace this:

with this:

- At line 45, replace this:

with this:

- At line 49, replace this:

with this:


You are done!

This tutorial is
dedicated to LayingBack, who wrote the first dial modification at Renderosity and PoserPros for Poser 5!

Updated 08-07-2010 at 01:18 PM by netherworks (Added "printer friendly" PDF Version)

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  1. gypsyangell's Avatar
    Oh---looks cool. Haven't really gotten used to using Poser Pro 2010 or 8, tho. I'm still lagging behind in Poser Pro 7. I have all of them---and installed 7, 7Pro and 2010 today. Have to dig out my download Poser 8 off the other computer. But it gave me so much grief that I stayed in PP7. I know, my bad...
  2. netherworks's Avatar
    Hehe, I have done this to Poser 7 too

    *I think layingback's Poser 5 tutorial on this did apply to Poser 7*. This time around though, I did this from scratch as I've been recently learning to dissect poser's .xml files.
  3. esha's Avatar
    Great! That looks very useful.
    And it gets rid of the dependant parameter icon too which I've always wanted to ditch
  4. netherworks's Avatar
    awesome, esha! well at least one person will not lament losing the icon. I wouldn't "mind" having it but I'm indifferent.


    basically "comments out" the button. You *can* experiment and do that with anything. BE CAREFUL and BACKUP YOUR FILES if anyone tries it

    Forgot to mention: To drag the dials around (reorder them), you click and drag to the right of the value, in the area before the menu arrow, or to the very left of the dial name.

    There is a side effect that in the Face Room you get some invisible dials (not really a big deal IMHO) but I'll figure that out when I have some more down time.
  5. demonicaevilius's Avatar
    Wicked I just tried it on mac and looks much neater! wooot!

    I did have to do some extra layer "clear"s in the .psd tho:

    those 4 top layers, and then it looks like this:

    Now it becomes:

    Much better!!! *big grin*

    Thanks Joe!
  6. -Silver-'s Avatar
    Woo awesome. Much nicer : D
  7. icprncss2's Avatar
    Thank you. Much better.

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