Streamlined Parameters Panel for P8/Pro2010

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A PDF of this tutorial can be downloaded [URL=""][B]HERE [/B][/URL](right-click, save as).

Updated 08-07-2010 at 01:18 PM by netherworks (Added "printer friendly" PDF Version)

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  1. gypsyangell's Avatar
    Oh---looks cool. Haven't really gotten used to using Poser Pro 2010 or 8, tho. I'm still lagging behind in Poser Pro 7. I have all of them---and installed 7, 7Pro and 2010 today. Have to dig out my download Poser 8 off the other computer. But it gave me s
  2. netherworks's Avatar
    Hehe, I have done this to Poser 7 too :D

    *I think layingback's Poser 5 tutorial on this did apply to Poser 7*. This time around though, I did this from scratch as I've been recently learning to dissect poser's .xml files.
  3. esha's Avatar
    Great! That looks very useful.
    And it gets rid of the dependant parameter icon too which I've always wanted to ditch
  4. netherworks's Avatar
    awesome, esha! well at least one person will not lament losing the icon. :D I wouldn't "mind" having it but I'm indifferent.

    [COLOR=Gray][I]<!-- <MasterIcon value="masterParmIcon" /> -->[/I][/COLOR]
    basically "comments out" the button. You *can*
  5. demonicaevilius's Avatar
    Wicked :D I just tried it on mac and looks much neater! wooot!

    I did have to do some extra layer "clear"s in the .psd tho:


    those 4 top layers, and then it looks like this:

  6. -Silver-'s Avatar
    Woo awesome. Much nicer : D
  7. icprncss2's Avatar
    Thank you. Much better.

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