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Health Industry in the US

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To call it a Health Industry is a joke really - it's nothing but a money grubbing bunch of pigs at the frickin trough gobbling up all of the dollars that they can before us saps get the idea that they are stealing from us blind...

Yes I have had enough of the MGB (Money Grubbing Bastards)

Some things in my personal life recently have made me very very aware of how dysfunctional the whole industry is. From the hospitals, to the insurance agency's (DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED!), to the government that has their sticky little paws in the trough too. It's just one huge machine to squeeze more money out of the poor and middle classes.

I pay $550 a month for my health insurance, which isn't bad by alot of standards. For being a single person and getting it through my chamber of commerce , I really can't complain. HOWEVER... add that up... $6600 a year - now I know I don't use enough during the year to even come close to that figure if I was to pay out of pocket for anything that the insurance covers ... even the incident in the emergency room this year. So what am I paying for? I am paying for two things - The first and main in my mind is I am paying INCASE something major happens to me health wise - the second is for endless layers of bureaucrats, pen pushers, money misers, and jackasses who need to make a living off the useless paper-shuffling that they seem to do.

"Trav are you pissed off???"

You bet!

Between the Hospital almost killing my Father - which trust me... WILL see a court of law - To me waiting for my prescriptions and being told that my insurance was CANCELED today... when I need the medicine for nerves of all things, and having to deal with that whole mess... I am about fed up with the whole damn shebang a bang.

What can we do? As far as I can see it... we are all screwed.

The downfall of any society is bureaucracy - when every little aspect of life has a stack of papers attached to it that need to be filed in triplicate then you are getting near the end. Even Rome in it's decline wasn't as bad as this. Time to get out the fiddle and play a little jig.

I did mention before that I am a Jeffersonian Anarchist right?
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  1. LunaFaye's Avatar
    I couldn't agree more! You wouldn't believe what I had to go through and am still going through without isurance when my thyroid problems started. The only good thing is that now because of the health care bill, when ever I do get insurance they won't be able to not cover my thyroid problems because they are pre-existing.

    I about ready to go to Canada!

  2. ZigZag321's Avatar
    Jefferson warned us. And, Traveler, I'm willing to wager all the money in
    my pocket that you're already familiar with this quote .....

    I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

    But on health care costs; I'm certainly no expert, but in your case, my thought
    is weighing the expense of your scripts versus the cost of the prescription
    feature in your plan -- and -- also raising your deductible since you stated
    you don't use anywhere near the 7K of your annual cost.

    You've probably considered that already, but I figure it can't hurt to
    throw it out there.

    Looking to the future of our new health care reform? I know somebody
    who read the entire bill/law and this is his strategy.

    First off, the fine with which you will be hit for not carrying health

    The maximum fine they will be able to hit you with is 2% of your annual

    It will be up to you to determine whether it will be cheaper to pay a fine of
    2% of your annual income or continue to carry health insurance.

    That said? They WILL NOT be able to deny you coverage.

    Let's say you choose to pay the fine.

    You have no health insurance.

    Then, God forbid, you get sick. Really sick.

    They CANNOT lock you out for pre-existing conditions anymore.

    That's when you get coverage.

    And here's the thing too. Let's say you chop off some toes in a lawnmower
    accident, God forbid again. Chances are that the cost of the hospital
    care is going to be less than the cost of your annual premiums now. Not to
    mention that the best plan I can find has a 7K deductible. So on top of
    the monthly cost I'm looking @ paying the first 7K of any incident myself.

    Of course, your mileage may vary on these thoughts.

    It's risky.

    And all that said, I happen to agree with you!!!

    I really, really like you guys. I'm begging you to begin accumulating,
    stockpiling personal necessities if you haven't already. I like to call them
    "personal commodities". Screw gold, imho.

    If they somehow manage to salvage this debacle which is looking more
    and more unlikely every day, imo, so what? You have a bunch of extra
    toilet paper, soap, non-perishable foods, etc.

    It's better to have something and not need it than need it and not have it.
  3. missb's Avatar
    I myself have not had to pay for health insurance, ever. As one of the full-time masses, the law firm I worked for paid our health insurance, even though lots of law firms here in NYC deduct a percentage of that cost from their employees paychecks. It was one way they could rationalize keeping our salaries lower. Riiiiiight.

    Even though I decided to take early retirement, after 40 yrs "on the job", they continued to pay my health insurance until I reached age 62 and I applied for Medicare. Now that same insurance I had for so many years is my "seconndary", while Medicare is my primary.

    Now Traveler, I didn't state all that to gloat. Trust me when I say I'm EMBARRASSED at the state of health care in this country, and if the economy doesn't get better soon, the government will be looking at Medicare within the next 10 to 20 yrs to start pulling money from to place elsewhere in the national budget. I get sick whenever I read about situations like yours and others who can't get decent health care because they don't have proper insurance, or in your case pay a lot and then don't use any of it. That's one of the reasons I hated the inflated rates of car insurance, and never bought another car after I got rid of my last one. I'd rather rent a car when I absolutely need it, then pay thousands of dollars for car insurance "INCASE" (to quote you) I might need it. Sheesh ~shakes head~
  4. batronyx's Avatar
    I wonder if it would be worthwhile to just open an investment account and put those funds in there instead? Something liquid and with an iterest rate that is at least conteracts inflation. It would be a while before it was big enough to cover any BIG emergencies, but say you had a $100 Dr visit one month, then that month you only invest $450. Meanwhile it grows, and it's yours.

    Just because other people are making the rules doesn't mean you have to play by them. Make your own somehow, like the rich do. Just try not to be evil about it.
  5. ZigZag321's Avatar
    Batronyx, that's the EXACT essence of choosing to pay the fine instead of
    carrying insurance. Saving that money. When that part of the plan comes
    into effect. Should it come into effect.

    Because here's another thing.

    I think the Republican crooks are going to take back control from the
    Democratic crooks in the mid-terms and health care reform as it stands
    now will be back on the table for re-reform or repeal.

    The circle jerk will go on and on and on while the average American's
    standard of living continues deteriorating -- until foreigners decide our
    skyrocketing debt is too risky. Then a Treasury auction fails and whoever
    isn't prepared for the collapse of society as we know it gets to stand in
    line begging The National Guard for surplus cheese.

    Kind of like Haiti.

    Except all the sheeple will be carrying iPhones that they couldn't afford in
    the first place.

  6. batronyx's Avatar
    Well then let's not be sheeple! You paint a grim picture there Zig, but I'm reminded of a story/quote I heard recently ( second hand so I'm not sure who to attribute ). This guy has a construction business and doing very well. A colleague asks, "So how are you holding up in this recession?" He replies, "I chose not to participate."
  7. lzy724's Avatar
    Im with you 100%. I have reflux, have to take medicine for it, I pay 300 dollars a month for insurance, and they wont cover my pills, which I pay 165 dollars for a month because ooooh, they come over the counter. Sorry, they are NOT the same damn thing, I dont care what you say. I tried em. Woke up at 3:00 am, crying, cuz my throat hurt and my stomach hurt from the acid. Its not the same. I have a thousand dollar deductible, for what???? so my payment stays below some ungodly amount. blah.

    Its nothing but a money grabbing scheme. PERIOD.
  8. ZigZag321's Avatar
    Ooooch. That sounds very distressing, lzy. Sorry to hear that.

    Batronyx, I really do. LOL. Uhhhhh. But it just seems to me like the clowns
    running this circus have learned nothing when it comes to fiscal
    responsibility -- and their only solution to fixing the problem is the same
    approach which got us into this mess -- more debt.

    When you find yourself in a hole, the first rule is to stop digging. But these
    guys just keep digging us in deeper and deeper and deeper.

    I really like that contractor's response to the recession though! LOL.
    That's really good.
  9. SndCastie's Avatar
    Man that sucks hope you get everything taken care of and yes sue their asses Dr. now a day are out for the money only mine refused to see me for $37 that I owed him said I am not a patient of his anymore. Like he is going to be hurt by me owing him that piddly amount and he knows my situation with hubby out of work and me on disability. I wish all these rich people who are greedy would lose it all and have to live like the rest of us lower to middle class from paycheck to paycheck or go with out for 3-4 weeks till unemployment gets off their asses and approves your claim. I feel for you if you need anything just let me know (((Huggs)

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