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Health Industry in the US

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To call it a Health Industry is a joke really - it's nothing but a money grubbing bunch of pigs at the frickin trough gobbling up all of the dollars that they can before us saps get the idea that they are stealing from us blind...

Yes I have had enough o
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  1. LunaFaye's Avatar
    I couldn't agree more! You wouldn't believe what I had to go through and am still going through without isurance when my thyroid problems started. The only good thing is that now because of the health care bill, when ever I do get insurance they won't b
  2. ZigZag321's Avatar
    Jefferson warned us. And, Traveler, I'm willing to wager all the money in
    my pocket that you're already familiar with this quote .....

    [I]I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American peopl
  3. missb's Avatar
    I myself have not had to pay for health insurance, ever. As one of the full-time masses, the law firm I worked for paid our health insurance, even though lots of law firms here in NYC deduct a percentage of that cost from their employees paychecks. It w
  4. batronyx's Avatar
    I wonder if it would be worthwhile to just open an investment account and put those funds in there instead? Something liquid and with an iterest rate that is at least conteracts inflation. It would be a while before it was big enough to cover any BIG emer
  5. ZigZag321's Avatar
    Batronyx, that's the EXACT essence of choosing to pay the fine instead of
    carrying insurance. Saving that money. When that part of the plan comes
    into effect. Should it come into effect.

    Because here's another thing.

    I think the Republican crooks are
  6. batronyx's Avatar
    Well then let's not be sheeple! You paint a grim picture there Zig, but I'm reminded of a story/quote I heard recently ( second hand so I'm not sure who to attribute ). This guy has a construction business and doing very well. A colleague asks, "So how ar
  7. lzy724's Avatar
    Im with you 100%. I have reflux, have to take medicine for it, I pay 300 dollars a month for insurance, and they wont cover my pills, which I pay 165 dollars for a month because ooooh, they come over the counter. Sorry, they are NOT the same damn thing,
  8. ZigZag321's Avatar
    Ooooch. That sounds very distressing, lzy. Sorry to hear that.

    Batronyx, I really do. LOL. Uhhhhh. But it just seems to me like the clowns
    running this circus have learned nothing when it comes to fiscal
    responsibility -- and their only solution to
  9. SndCastie's Avatar
    Man that sucks hope you get everything taken care of and yes sue their asses Dr. now a day are out for the money only mine refused to see me for $37 that I owed him said I am not a patient of his anymore. Like he is going to be hurt by me owing him that p

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