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Blue Moon Reloaded #3

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Henut Taui, The Immortal

In the 21st dynasty of the Pharaohs a funeral was held for Henut Taui - the Lady of the Two Lands.
Compared to the great rulers of Egypt, her burial was extraordinarily modest. But just like the Pharaohs she was mummified and her body placed inside her tomb in faith that it would grant her immortality.

Her dark slumber went undisturbed as history marched on - through the time of the Greeks and Romans, the collision of the Dark and Middle ages--- the Renaissance and Napoleon until in the early 19th century when her tomb was plundered and the Lady was once again brought out into the light of day.

The king of Bavaria bought the ornate sarcophagus with the mummy inside. He gave it to a museum in Munich where for another century Henut Taui slept on undisturbed.

Slept that is, until in 1992 Dr Svetla Balabanova of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Ulm Germany, made a discovery on a whim that upset the world of Egyptology and tore apart whole areas of science and history.
She discovered that the body of Henut Taui contained large quantities of cocaine and nicotine. The surprise was not just that the ancient Egyptians had taken drugs since they actually consumed a virtual laundry list of recreational mood enhancements--- but that these drugs come from the tobacco and coca plants--- plants completely unknown outside the Americas--- unheard of until Sir Walter Raleigh introduced smoking from the New World or until cocaine was imported in the Victorian era.

After the first tests came more---134 Egyptian Mummies were drug tested and over one third of them were found to contain cocaine and tobacco. It would appear that someone in Ancient Egypt was doing trade with the Americas...and with this discovery the Lady of the Two Lands was granted her wish and became immortal after all.

Alternative contact theories:

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Something is screaming in the Appalachian mountains:
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  1. ZigZag321's Avatar
    That's absolutely incredible.

    I see why you had all those subscribers on your site. You come up with
    some obscure, mind-bending stuff.

    Have you ever watched "Chasing Mummies" on The History Channel? That
    mummy expert is a tyrant! Oh my God.

    That West Virginia thing is really interesting too. I especially liked The MothMan
    reference. So I checked just for the heck of it. Goldtown is about forty miles
    from Point Pleasant. Never heard any witnesses talk about The MothMan
    entity making any kind of noise though.
  2. gypsyangell's Avatar

    Yep, I spend a LOT of time watching the History Channel. And various other mind bending stuff on the tube--not to mention my books. I have some relatively tweaked out books...Right now because I just moved most of them are in boxes---not sure how I'm going to get them out, either. Guess I could turn one bedroom into a library/temple. Hope the Madonnas don't mind. They were uprooted out of their "space" which I really didn't want to do. Having one of the largest personal Black Madonna collections in the country, it was hard to get them all packed and moved without any casualties---but I pulled it off and they all arrived safely.
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