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My Horrible Tale

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Let me preface this with "Parts of this story are horrible, parts are rather non-PC" BUT... what the heck. I have a story to tell and I need to tell it.


I was on my way into the house from the office (Separate building on the proper
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  1. lzy724's Avatar
    awww, poor cat, my heart is sad now. Hopefully it will go quickly... I hate to see any animal suffer.
  2. ZigZag321's Avatar
    I just absolutely have to respond to this blog.

    First off, Traveler, (and I know you or anybody else doesn't need to hear me
    say this), but you have a huge heart -- and that is freaking awesome.

    Here's the thing too. I swear to God my property is like
  3. Ladyelf's Avatar
    Eric, you wonder why you are my hero? You are so just like me, you don't have a choice you have to help, it's just part of who you are, no matter what the circumstances. I would have done the same thing.

    Better an Action Figure for a day, then a hear
  4. belladragon's Avatar
    It's good to know there are still people like you in the world Eric *hugs*

    ........................ says the woman with 6 cats & 3 dogs cause like zigzag my home is a magnet for strays - and like Ladyelf - surrounded by wild and have even had to 'rescu
  5. Admin-Syyd's Avatar
    Eric, you're a gardener in the field of life, and those of us that have been fortunate enough to be part of your garden, reap the benefit of being tended to by such a loving hand.
  6. dpanzee's Avatar
    I agree with everyone that you do have a big heart and you care about a little cat where some people wouldn't bother. I would hate to see an animal suffer and will even re-locate a spider on my balcony outside, rather than killing it. It must be the weeke

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