It feels good

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A couple of things feel good today.

It feels good to be on more medication for my half gone thyroid. I was finally, finally able to convince my Dr to increase my dose to 125mcg of synthroid. I almost feel like a real person today, rather than a zombie.

It also feels good to be able to finish a project. I just finished my portion of some shoes that I am in collaboration on. For what started off as a simple project ended up as a big mess. M4 is a PIA to rig by the way.

They are called Sk8r Shoes. They are very cute. They will probably end up being released at R'osity. I would much rather release them here, because I like RDNA sooooo much better. But I'm in collaboration with Retro Devil, and he's not a merchant here. Bummer.

Xylia is all but finished. Her sexy morph, textures, and make ups are all done. All I have left to do is TN's and promo renders. I can't wait till she comes into the store here. She's so sexay!

While one computer is rendering Xylia promos and TN's, I'm working on my laptop to finish Half Up. It's a super tiny sexy outfit for V4. Plus another special sooper secret outfit!

It's good to be busy, but even better to have the energy to finish!

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  1. ZigZag321's Avatar
    Amen to that. I'm so glad you're feeling better.

    It seems so stupid to say it, but pain sucks and absolutely steals your life.

    But it sounds like you're staying busy and happy now which is just wonderful.

  2. batronyx's Avatar
    I'm happy to hear your back on your feet.
  3. missb's Avatar
    So glad you're feeling better Luna. It makes all the difference in the world when you're feeling good. I can't seem to get much of anything done when I don't feel 100%.
  4. sixus1's Avatar
    Rebekah has a condition called Hashiomoto's Thyroritis that has destroyed her thryoid, so we can most certainly empathize with what you are and will be going through. She takes enough synthroid to choke a horse. Watch out: when the thyroid goes out, it can and most likely will lead to other problems as the metabolism starts to crash. I think the stuff (it's late and my memory is a little fuzzy...) might be related to other auto immune disorders like Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and mixed connective tissue disorders. Living with any combination of these problems can be tough, but a lot of it has to do with attitude and making sure you stay on top of the meds.

    For me, watching my wife go through all these illnesses has been a real test over and over. She is such a beautiful, funny, sweet (yet totally snarky!!!) person, and it just tears me apart to see her in pain. So from the perspective of a husband who has to deal with a very stubborn wife, make sure if your significant other points out changes in your appearance or behavior, or voices and opinion that maybe you need a checkup, take that to heart and get the help you need. Rebekah and I are both very anti-doctors: we both hate going to them for anything short of a severed limb. But it's hard sometimes to deal with her reluctance to go when I am convinced she needs help. We work through it, but it's tough sometimes.

    Anyway, didn't mean to blab. It's damn late and I'm about to crash at my desk.

    I don't know what we could do, but if there is anything we can do to help you out, even if it's just talking to Rebekah about the thyroid stuff, we're here, wide open for it. And we're just down the road here in Ohio so if you're ever in Cincy, give us a holler and we'll get together. Support is good. -Les
  5. LunaFaye's Avatar
    Thanks everybody for the support!


    Thanks! I have Hashi's too. It caused the left side of my thyroid to swell up to the size of a golf ball, so it had to come out. I'm left with only the right side, which has at least 3 medium sized "holes" in it. (That's what they looked like on the ultrasound.) Thyroid problems run on both sides of my family. So I didn't really have a chance.


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