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Natural Resources

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Just a thought I've had intermittently for a while now...

We live in a time when people talk about dwindling resources a lot. Whether it's air, land, water, oil or whatever, it's a hot topic. Regardless of what side of any such arguments one comes down on, it dawned on me there is one resource that we all have access to that should never be overlooked: the human mind.

We think. We dream. We imagine.

So anytime you feel like some idea you have, some story, image, concept, invention, or whatever, seems like a waste of time, like it's unoriginal or maybe you just lack the confidence to put it out there, think of it this way: you are not a unique and precious flower. You are not that perfect, individual little snowflake. Sounds depressing, right? But let's look at it differently. If you're not as unique as the pop psyche self help people want you think, then it stands to reason that if something merited your brain power, then someone else would either think about it, or gain something from thinking about it. If what you're thinking is something you actually like or think would be entertaining, helpful or enlightening in some way, well, odds are you're right. Your mind thought that thing to fill a need in you, even if you don't realize it, and by virtue of not being all that unique to one another, it stands to reason someone else may have that need as well and would appreciate it greatly if you shared whatever that thing was.

Essentially what I'm saying here is that it's my philosophy that we all have things in our head to offer each other. When you take your ideas and just sit on them, convincing yourself that it's not good enough, not original enough or that it just wouldn't be interesting to anyone, you're wasting a natural resource that is just as precious as all the air, oil, land, or water. You're wasting the content of your mind, heart and soul. Human beings are a wellspring of creativity that consistently tries to choke itself off with self-doubt and deprecation, insecurity and fear.

Be brave. Be fearless. Allow yourself to be strong in the knowledge that the content of your mind is a resource, quite possibly the one and only resource, that can only be squandered and wasted by you and the only way that happens if you don't use it.

Your mind and all that it can dream is, I believe, our greatest natural resource. Don't let it go to waste.



  1. Admin-Syyd's Avatar
    Thanks for posting this, seriously. That fearlessness is something I need to get around. Im going to jump off a plane, go in an air balloon, and keep blogging and posting arwork. Its a resource.
  2. aine's Avatar
    Timely and needed Les, thank you!

    Hopes, dreams and great expectations in hyper drive. Fear and intimidation be damned, it is full speed ahead

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