I can't keep up!

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I have so very many projects inspired and designed and can never seem to keep up with them or have enough time to create them all. (Maybe I should be working and not blogging! LOL)

Things I am going to try to finish soon:
Sling Back Sandals - Sandal version of my Sling Back Flats for V4. These are very very close to being done.
Half Up - Sexy little outfit for V4. Need to finish a tiny bit of modeling and rigging, then textures.
Little Ranger - Adventure outfit for V4. Need to redo some joint envelopes.
Xylia - Hot character for V4. Need to finish her textures and make up.

Maybe if I start keeping track it will help me stay on target and not get so distracted.


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  1. aine's Avatar
    Keeping a list somewhere does help to track those endevors you wish to do, or have started.

    Many people will try to tell you something along the lines of 'pick one and finish, then move to the next'. There is wisdom in this, but it doesn't cover those of us (artists everywhere) who need several fronts going. Or for those learning who find they need to be working in all areas at once in order to keep any knowledge they gained from drifting off into gray matter of non-memory.

    'sides... If you have several things going, should one hit a wall and refuses to resolve itself, the side activity of another will allow the subconscience to figure it out while you further the others
  2. demonicaevilius's Avatar
    I am the same Luna! lol .. I have a project that I have been working on for 2 years almost, and life/shiney things keeps getting in the way heh

    I have about 6 ideas currently and I want to work on them all at once and then once I open the apps Istart working on something else that has just popped into mind LOL .... infinite loop lol

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