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The Dangers of Gardening

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Let me tell you a tale...

You may not know this about me, but I have a HUGE garden and try to get out in it once a week or so for a little recreational plant decimation and transforming. This week was no different. I am thinking... Sunday... finally a little cooler... Weed the rock garden.

So I was weeding away, I got some new hens and chicks planted, got my new lewisas in, some cool grasses, and then I notice that my eye is watering and burning. Then my face... then I start producing snot like a trapped eel - it was pouring out of me - no joke.

10 mins later I am in the emergency room with a full blown allergic event, swollen face, can't see, snot still flowing, trouble breathing, the lot.

I happened to get a wonderful nurse who knew what to do, and she did triage on me, right there in the middle of the emergency room. Eyes flushed, meds given, stuff put in the eyes, and warm packs on my face.

An hour later I was patched up and sent home. With an eye patch no less!!!!

Anyways, 8 hrs later and the pain and swelling are finally going down. I am feeling human again... and I pretty much am going to let the gardening go for a few weeks. I have come to two conclusions - plants are not as nice as I once thought they were, and vicoden is a very good thing.

-One Eye Traveler
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  1. aine's Avatar
    Those are just so much fun! Getting to scare the daylights out of those around you as you prove the human body can distort in extreme ways - rather quickly too. Walking into the emergency room and becoming center stage, as each wonders if that is the way you always look. Getting to move to the front of the line for emergency care and of course all the new friends you can make while there. All that fun and it doesn't stop for hours, and hours, and hours. Okay, so most reactions are about 3-5 hours, but known to last 24. Oh and lets not forget the itches and in some cases the skin peel; which can last for days after the area of the body returns to normal.

    Does it sound like I know of what you speak? To that, my answer is "yes". For this reason you get a {{{hug}}} puffy face, eye patch and all
  2. lzy724's Avatar
    That sounds awful... but look at it this way, its all pirate like and arrrrrgh.... the patch is cool.
  3. Littlefox's Avatar
    Oh heavens hon, sounds like you've had a real evil time of it! *hugs*

    My husband went through the same thing with his wood carving a couple of years back... no problem, no problem, no problem.... BAM! Serious allergy out of nowhere. Now he can't use that type of wood any more.
    And he very much agrees, vicoden is a very good thing

    Hugs! Hope you're doing better!
  4. batronyx's Avatar
    Geez! I hope you get over really quick.
  5. batronyx's Avatar
    P.S. I like the new appropriate avatar, Aaaargh P-)
  6. Ladyelf's Avatar
    I'm thinking lawn mower!!!! Mow them down!!! Sneaky little fellas!!!

    Like the patch, welcome to the family! ARRRRRRRRRRRR

  7. Admin-Syyd's Avatar
    About 20 years ago I had emergency surgery. When I woke up, I was itchy. I was also full of morphine, with a huge bolus dose, and my own self administered morphine PCA pump. I get up, and I feel great. I start scratching my IV site. I see my arm is bleeding and go on to scratch an itch on my face, and soon, my whole body is tingly. I ring the bell for the nurse to get me back in bed. She walks in, and she screams. They call a code, and now Im struggling to breathe, but I have so much morphine I think its funny. The house doctor is screaming now, "she's the color of a blueberry"!!
  8. Ladyelf's Avatar
    Oh my Lord Squid!!

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