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Snow Storms

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"Lightly, so lightly the breeze does blow,
Driving softly flakes a plenty to and fro".
This is the snow storms we all like best,
Rather the blizzards which throw us the test.


Beasts these are with gale force winds,
Slicing and biting, razor edge thin.
Nothing to see even in the day.
Blinded by snow in every which way.

We sit in our homes and hope for the night,
The power holds, and that our shutters stay tight.
Gathered, stored and stacked wood for the fire.
Keeps the fireplace warm, if we so desire

Pantry stocked, water has been drawn,
Course there's always the snow when that is gone.
Blankets are out to keep all within warm,
Extras on the beds once we have been worn.

Force of the wind will find its whirling way,
Through any crack, craves or narrow pathway.
Trees which bend and sway with the wind,
Also gathered flakes, ice and groan within.

Rafters pushed and swayed through the throe,
Now moan and creak with the weight of the snow.
A pop, and small snap, then a whoosh we hear,
Light and soft signs a large tree has fallen near.

The hour is late, and once more to try,
To open a door, better the high window nearby.
In deep understanding of what has transpired
Measurements in feet, as the night retired

But at the end of those strong cold storms,
The sunlight breaks with rays of long arms,
Touching and bouncing upon tree boughs of snow;
Then to bounce again and again onto the street below.

No better the light and color play we see;
Than with these tiny crystals laying before thee.
No matter the length it's been, a tear when I see;
Land heavy, nature's gift of beauty, smiling I be.


Three days have passed, roadways have cleared,
Rush off to the store for supplies and gear.
People are scrambling a line has been drawn,
For the weatherman forecasts yet another by dawn. --Aine 2014

Wishing all going through winter's weather to be safe and warm
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Bemused Muse


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