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As some who have spoken to me or gotten to know me may know, I am mainly in this 3D thing to follow my dreams and aspirations of making some of the thousands of tales that unfold in my head come to life. I am animating. It is slow, tedious, arduous work. These last few years mark my second effort to make a feature of sorts (my first being in the 90's and failed miserably as technology just could not achieve what I wanted...yet). Though software and hardware has come a long way, I am still up against the wall and facing limitations from software, hardware, available content, time, finances, and so many areas. While technology is more than capable of achieving what I want now, access to that level of technology is so far outside my financial limits as too be laughable. Still, I am trying not to give up easily this time.

While I was hoping I was very close to having some short clips in the next month or so, I have hit a few snags. My render network has just hit one of six major clips I need rendered, and though it was making good time, has just slowed to a crawl. Additionally, problems with Youtube's policies and practices regarding their content matching system and false possitives have given me a great deal of concerns, as even when I get a clip I am not sure I feel comfortable putting it on Youtube just to have someone else lay claim to part or all of it and make money off of my hard work.

Non the less, I intend to spend this week and most likely the next few making some much needed model sheets of some of the main characters in my "Falling Stars" project. I have a few of the needed characters set up in Poser already, and a few need more work. Many of the scenes I have set up thus far had more generic characters (troops in helmets/masks, vehicles, etc...). Once I have these model sheets, I will be contacting a few of the individuals who expressed interest in voicing some characters and getting the right voices for the right people. I hope to bang-out some dialog shots over the next few months. I will likely also post a few of the model sheets either in my gallery here, or on DA.
I'm attaching 3 promo images from the project...enjoy (1 is actually a test render from a scene).
Now, if I could just scrape together enough funding for decent computers...
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