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I have decided to move some of my digital works here from Deviant Art as I do not like changes made to their TOS recently, nor the crowd the site has been attracting in the last few years. I have paired down my 3D images collection, and decided to host those I feel are among the best examples of my works and experiments outside of animation here, or those I am particularly fond of. Today's additions is the first round, and I will be adding a second round in the next few days.

I haven't been doing much new rendering lately as recent events have left me feeling flat. Especially isues in the 3D world which have sucked a lot of the joy and ease of content out of the process for me. I have been trying to finish up some Pose sets and projects, but forcing myself to work when not feeling it is causing me to make a lot of mistakes, and catch things or ignore things I woul dnormally be a stickler on. Basicly, my depression is causing my work to suffer in all areas.

I had hoped to have 3 to 4 new pose sets in the shop before thanksgiving but I am doubtful that will not happen. On top of postponement of work in September and October to try to reason with an unreasonable company has just left me feeling like maybe I should just give it all up.

I know others are having difficulties too, including some whose work I respect and I would like to call friends. I wish them the best and hope things work out for them - and I hope they understand my mood is not a reflection on them, nor do I mean to seem self absorbed, I just do not know what words to offer or what to say in light of their difficulties, as to me everything I could say seems hollow and incincere.

I had a great idea for a Mayan Apocalypse themed image - but not sure it will get finished. Just as I had a great idea for a short Cthulhu 2012 presidential animation debate with Obama (even bought some needed content for it) and it did not get done...
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