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I see your art and I know you are trying. I am too. I don’t ask for a lot of feedback on how to improve my images because all too often, I am already painfully aware of the things I’ve done or have failed to achieve. Maybe you feel the same way. I
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  1. aine's Avatar
    Letting you know of course I would, and would expect others to let me know if something I did was off as well. It isn't just the fact I know something didn't work, or something is missing, or I could have used.... and did much better; it is how much of th
  2. madbat's Avatar
    I'd kill for an honest constructive comment, lol, even if all it was just..."um, Madbat, that sucks, what were you thinking???"
  3. kageryu's Avatar
    I welcome constructive criticism. I only leave criticism rarely as all too often my rather blunt mannerisms have been misunderstood for mean spirited attacks when I merely am offering critique. Too often on my works I need to cut corners due to machine

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