My computer is like a cat...

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[SIZE=1]My computer has a temperament like a spoiled Siamese. It likes to be hot, occasionally makes blood-curdling noises, protests if you don't give it the right attention, and regularly produces hairballs.

But then that Siamese curls up in your
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  1. Admin-Aine's Avatar
    1. the cat may curl up in your lap, your computer most of the time; if you reach down and give it a little scritch you'll find it is rumble purring like mad.

    2. the hairballs the computer produces are contained and not wet...

    3. the computer never need
  2. nightsong's Avatar
    All so true!!!
  3. batronyx's Avatar
    Having 5 cats, I really like that analogy.
    To Aine's points: The computer doesn't throw up in the floor for you to accidentally step in on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

    And yeah, the chips in them things don't work right after you
  4. nightsong's Avatar
    Also, so true!! But, if the computer does start leaving you presents in the middle of the night (smoke, broken bits, funny smells, strange noises) it's usually a sign of something a lot more dire than strategically placed hairballs. We'll be

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