Puzzles, and Pictures, and Games, Oh My!

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One could say that I've been more than a bit absent, lately, and they'd be completely right. Where normally I'm not the most talkative sort in the world, school has been absorbing enough of my time lately to turn me into nearly an absolute recluse. Lucky for me, though, the people around me are amazing, wonderful and patient enough with me to put up with my many flaws.

Speaking of such persistently resourceful individuals, the absolutely stunning and talented Bea at RuntimeDNA has started turning my pictures into digital puzzles!!! Its so completely cool!!!

The very first one, based on "Saving the Lost Race" can be found as a freebie, here.

In addition, there are three (THREE!) more pairs of puzzles -plus- a bundle of all six together, that can be found here on Bea's merchant page!

It's just the most amazing and cool thing that has happened to me in a long time. I can count on one hand the number of times that I've actually made or sold a print in my entire life, but now they're up in a form that anyone can play with and enjoy. They're a ton of fun, too!!! And TOUGH! OMG! I'm stretching mental muscles I forgot I had!!!! LOL!
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  1. Damsel's Avatar
    LOL I noticed them earlier and thought what fun that is. And it gives a whole 'nother avenue to enjoy your work in. (bad sentence construction) I think it's a wonderful idea, the two of you could actually start a little business doing that for people who would like to preserve their art in a different form. I know I have a couple that I think would really shine in that format and one is an actual acrylic on canvas I painted years ago of a clown girl with lots of pleats and soulful eyes.

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