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The little Darcassian had watch it often enough from a not so distant corner over looking Le Passage. A being dressed in a long flowing uniform, which looked quite unfit for performing any type of work. Stand and wait for a second being to walk up barring an interesting collection of foliage, presenting it to the former. The former being would take the collection and then place her lips on his cheeks.

He couldn't tell just what was being done at this point and felt it was time to assume the part played by being two, and see just what this face closeness was about.

He gathered the best and most interesting foliage he had at his work station, and just to make it more interesting, as if Venus flytraps were not interesting enough; gene spliced them with another interesting item - dragonflies. Since these little flying beast would not stay in one place, he tethered them with a ball of plant twine.

The next day, with his Venus flytrap headed dragon flies, he donned his best uniform taking get pains to make sure all limbs were covered and set out to find his answer.

Poor, poor Collette will never be the same and little Darcassian still is without his answer.


Collette had spent a year in the quiet little small town retreat. It took a good many months before she would even speak, and even longer for her to let go of her memory of that strange little green man and the swarm of angry doubled winged flytrap looking heads. Now, the doctors were sure she could interact with others again.

She had been home for a week and her parents felt it was time she had a walk with Philp to get her back on her feet. They kept her in the kitchen when Philp arrived and then she would be called out to join the dinner which had been planned.

Dinner went well, and Philp was sure her old spirit was near to surface. He ask after dinner if she would like to take a walk, which she agreed to; mother's urging of course.

The walk was a bit on the quiet side to start, but after 20 minutes, she was relaxing enough to actually talk more than short replies. They had only traveled a few blocks when Philp noticed a bit of light shining from around the corner of a building. White-blue light and not at an glow or height which it should have been.

Collette's hand in his, was pulling back, even as he walked closer. She didn't want to see this light, and the more she pulled back, he seemed to pull ahead in that direction. He pulled her along rounding the corner only to stop dead in his tracks.

"Not again," Collette moaned.

There before them stood a human like figure which emitted a rather blinding white-blue light making his skin look rather iridescent green. In spite of the harshness of the light the young couple stood there staring in a rather comical fashion. Wide eyed, they were frozen in fear. Frozen until the figure made a movement split in two, and as if on cue; both Philp and Collette slumped to the ground.

Little Darcassian had chose this night to try out once again to make contact with these odd creatures and in the spirit of their customs he brought with him a pet to walk around the block. The night's walk had been going rather slow, and he really didn't have anyone to tip his helmet toward as they approached. In fact right up until Philp and Collette, he had come accross not a soul. Sadly the pet he chose was a baby dragon from a nearby galaxy. So in his facts journal he included this observation:

Note 1: Humans sleep at odd times in their day cycles and do so where ever they are at.
Note 2: Calaxe Dragons glow when they are a bit chilled by excreting a liquid which in turn warms them. This liquid can be passed to anything nearby and the effects last a very long time.

The town paper carried the following headlines -- "Vampire's suspected to have invaded the town" with a write up about the young couple found pale, in a deep sleep and glowing in the wee early light. That small town retreat? It has two new patients who just sit and stare blankly and seem to glow in the night time hours.

Some people just seem to have a better chance than others to experience the vastness of life. Collette sure did! -- Aine December 2011


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