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Toon Floor Toon Floor : A floor prop wit 2 material groups for easy color change with poser bucket tool. Enjoy! (115.5 KB) 01-17-2011 347 6
Toon Ice Cream Cones Toon Ice Cream Cones : For poser 6 and up. Includes 3 props with multiple materials for easy color change with poser bucket tool! (272.8 KB) 01-13-2011 223 10
Toon Cupcake Toon Cupcake : Includes a Toon Cupcake Prop. Enjoy! Sprinkles are grouped for easy color change with pose bucket tool (183.8 KB) 01-13-2011 178 5
Hybridmaps for Y-Stylez 3 Katey Hybridmaps for Y-Stylez 3 Katey : This freebie only contains maps and materials/ shaders for the body! If you want to use the full Katey character, you will need either the Y-Stylez 3 character package, Y-Stylez 3 bundle or the Y-Styl ... [more] (30.8 KB) 02-17-2010 344 7
Conjurer set for Y-Stylez Katey Conjurer set for Y-Stylez Katey : This freebie was created to complement my Katey bundle (Y-Stylez 3 available here). Inside you will find a morphing table prop, morphing support ring prop for the WitchCrystal, a morphing cover sheet ... [more] (28.7 KB) 12-29-2009 832 8
WolfBraids for WolfHair WolfBraids for WolfHair : Conforming braids to go with your WolfHair! MATs and materials are included. Please consult the readme before use! ... [more] (47.50 MB) 09-25-2009 787 9
Jewel Eyes for Piccolo Jewel Eyes for Piccolo : A set of jewel-like eyes for my miniature dragon Piccolo. The shaders use the outer layer of the eyes, so iris and eyewhite remain undisturbed. Enjoy! (4.84 MB) 09-18-2009 380 4
Galeara's Claw Staff Galeara's Claw Staff : Every queen needs her scepter to rule - give Galeara what she deserves! This prop comes as zeroed prop or smart propped to her left hand. An additional glow prop completes this set. Package includes: ... [more] (6.93 MB) 05-31-2009 1,348 20
A_ Katie Sue SP3 Morph A_ Katie Sue SP3 Morph : Face and body for SP3 to go along with my Katie Sue product (DAZ Head and Body Morph Packs required). (134.5 KB) 04-25-2009 555 4
WildHeart Hiro 3 Tatoo WildHeart Hiro 3 Tatoo : In the zip are 2 png files meant to be placed over your Hiro3 face texture map using a paint program. It's the tatoos i used to create the 2 characters featured in the promos of the outfit WildHeart ... [more] (17.1 KB) 04-22-2009 552 6
Disco Props Disco Props : The Disco Props pack contains the Disco Ball and Disco Floor i used in the promo of my outfit Stayin'Alive for Hiro3. They are fully textured. The floor can be tiled to have more space to dance! Free ... [more] (789.6 KB) 04-22-2009 894 12
Silo Shield Silo Shield : The Silo shield is the perfect addition to my Silo outfit for Hiro! But it's a standalone item so you can use it with any character. The straps at the back have some morphs to adapt it to any figure. ... [more] (11.00 MB) 04-22-2009 957 9
RavenMohawk RavenMohawk : Morphing hairpiece for Victoria 3/4 and Aiko 3. The set comes with a matching feathercrown, hairband and an earring and a few morphs for movement of the hairtails. (11.68 MB) 04-21-2009 2,520 47
Katana set for M3 Katana set for M3 : A set of parented props to use with my Y-Stylez character Akira. You get a katana, tanto, wakizashi and a matching stand with a few goodies as poses for Michael 3. (23.83 MB) 04-21-2009 1,388 12
QuetzalPiercing for V4 and A4 QuetzalPiercing for V4 and A4 : A conforming bellypiercing for Victoria 4 and Aiko 4. The piercing has got a separately rigged chain of jewels and a few shaping morphs plus fit morphs for Aiko 4 and Y-Stylez Renee (both Victoria 4 a ... [more] (5.53 MB) 04-20-2009 1,390 33
Silo Poses for Hiro Silo Poses for Hiro : The poses i used for the promos of Silo for Hiro outfit. 10 poses included. (287.8 KB) 04-17-2009 590 9
Silo for Hiro DS Mats Silo for Hiro DS Mats : The DS MATPoses for Silo for Hiro outfit. (705.9 KB) 04-17-2009 226 3
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