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MicroCosm Freebies Free Add-ons for the RDNA MicroCosm set 55
LaRoo Ad-Ons Add-On's for Colm's Laroo Figure 21
Samedi Add-Ons Freebies and Add-Ons for Netherwork's Samedi Voo Doo Doll Figure of Toony Cuteness! 1
Cookie and Chip Freebies Freebies for the Fantastically New Cookie and Chip! 31

Files in category : Product Add-Ons
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Koshini2 Backpack Koshini2 Backpack : An old Koshini2 freebie brought back for fun! Hope you enjoy it! (2.94 MB) 07-12-2010 278 12
SteamPunk for V4 Templates SteamPunk for V4 Templates : For those wanting the templates to the SteamPunk Outfit and Accessories, Here ya go! ;) Hope these help! (2.41 MB) 09-19-2009 311 8
Poppy for Poppy for : Character and skin texture for Kiki. (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 188 6
Lights! Paris IBL Lights! Paris IBL : I've had many requests for a separate release of my Paris IBLs, but after careful consideration, I figured that I'd just make a freebie out of them. Hope you enjoy! (141.2 KB) 10-15-2010 243 6
The Dude- Fun Textures The Dude- Fun Textures : I've been asked many times for the different textures I made for the dudes promos. Well here they are. Zip includes 5 texture maps for the dude: Jacko texture, Ozzy Texture, Slash Texture, Crow Textur ... [more] (9.09 MB) 12-18-2010 104 6
TT Miki 2 SeaNymph HeadFin and SeaS TT Miki 2 SeaNymph HeadFin and SeaS : SeaNymph HeadFin and SeaStars Overlays (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 801 5
Marionette Strings update for Stephanie4 Marionette Strings update for Stephanie4 : This update requires that you actually have and have decoded the secret freebie included in the VI Circus Golden Ticket. This update adds V4++ scalar support and Stephanie4 Fitting. (44.4 KB) 07-08-2010 165 5
Pizza Face for 3DZ's Mr. C. Andy Corn figure Pizza Face for 3DZ's Mr. C. Andy Corn figure : Free MAT pose for The 3D Zone's Mr C. Andy Corn Figure.:D Just unzip to your Poser directory. (602.3 KB) 10-24-2009 61 4
Little Dollz Braids Little Dollz Braids : I was practicing my braided hair modeling this morning. I came up with this and figured it would be more fun for you to have then just let it sit around on my hard drive. Thanks. :D Little ... [more] (4.31 MB) 10-29-2009 97 4
Victorian Innocence Templates Victorian Innocence Templates : Many requests for these! Templates to the Victorian Innocence Base, Underpinnings and Accessories. Hope you enjoy! (11.63 MB) 05-14-2010 127 4
The Assassin Dude The Assassin Dude : Assassin Clothing Add On for The Dude Figure from Runtime DNA. This is a little side project I've been doing for my own amusement. I just finished it this m ... [more] (10.44 MB) 01-04-2011 277 4
The Governator for The BRUTE The Governator for The BRUTE : Listen Up Now You Spaghetti Armed Little People! Dis is Da Brute talking to You. You Know I rule wit da pumpitude and da butt destroying! You wuld be wise to make me da Govina of your Runtime folder t ... [more] (3.69 MB) 08-02-2011 112 4
Little Dollz Flannel Shirt Little Dollz Flannel Shirt : A conforming flannel shirt for my Little Dollz figures. Will fit both figures. I put it up for those of you who might want to make the Dollz a little grungy! :) Little Dollz Figure available here: htt ... [more] (2.70 MB) 10-27-2009 72 3
TTīs Riding Rocket Styles TTīs Riding Rocket Styles : Rocket Styles, Poser 7 Materials and maps, for Travelers Technophilia Retro - Gynoids V3 - Rock-It, Riding Rocket. (164.0 KB) 11-14-2009 107 3
Lift Skirt Morph for VInnocence Base's Long Skirt Lift Skirt Morph for VInnocence Base's Long Skirt : Was a request for this. Unfortunately due to the way the skirt is built (all those lovely layers and fluffy ripples) I had to get rid of a lot of the polys that would have allowed easier horizontal w ... [more] (212.7 KB) 06-03-2010 127 3
Koshini2 Glasses Freebie Koshini2 Glasses Freebie : An old freebie set of glasses for Koshini2 (173.0 KB) 07-12-2010 153 3
Koshini2 DressForm Koshini2 DressForm : This is an old freebie that was lost for a time. Hope you enjoy it! (1.92 MB) 07-12-2010 147 3
Melody/Micah Whiskers! Melody/Micah Whiskers! : Whisker addon for Melody and Micah! (43.7 KB) 07-12-2010 153 3
Texture Filtering Toy (Scene Toy Add-On) Texture Filtering Toy (Scene Toy Add-On) : FREE Add-On for Netherworks' Scene Toy, available in the Runtime DNA store! This add-on allows you to change the texture filtering on all image maps of all materials for all selected figures and prop ... [more] (10.9 KB) 12-19-2011 48 3
Gumdrops Templates for Candy Gumdrops Templates for Candy : This is the body and eyes templates for Candy as well as all the Gumdrop characters. (962.1 KB) 03-25-2012 107 3
Template for Melody 2.0 Template for Melody 2.0 : A Quick Template for Melody 2.0's Base pack... Melody head, Kitty Ears, Lion Ears, and Smooth Cat Tail. (Body is V4 Based for most packs) (1.40 MB) 07-22-2013 49 3
Dasiy Night Cap Dasiy Night Cap : Adds some new morphs for Rufus' Night Cap from Nighty, Night Rufus. (188.4 KB) 05-03-2009 65 2
RDNA Platez 1 Prefabs Set 1 RDNA Platez 1 Prefabs Set 1 : 5 More Pre-Fab Structures. Includes: Single Cell, Cell Block, 2 Towers, and a 2 Story Bunker. Requir (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 129 2
Kiki Eyez Update Kiki Eyez Update : RTE Encoded. Eyez for Kiki by Lady LittleFox! Required (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 121 2
Gumdrops: Girly Morphs Gumdrops: Girly Morphs : Inj Morph for Candy and Magnet for spawning the Girly Morph (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 216 2
Vashti DazStudio with pwToon Mat Vashti DazStudio with pwToon Mat : Material presets for DazStudio with pwToon for Vashti (1.38 MB) 08-20-2009 87 2
Eva DS adv Mats Eva DS adv Mats : While there are already some DS Mats with the base Eva pack, here are some more advanced DS Mats using HumanSurfaceShader, PWSurface2 and UberSurface. The HSS file is for DS2 only, and the PWS2 file a ... [more] (64.3 KB) 09-26-2009 172 2
Little Dollz Hero Little Dollz Hero : A super hero costume I made for my Little Dollz figures. It includes a body suit, cape and boots. It was just something I whipped up real quick but, I figured some people would like to have a copy. L ... [more] (1.22 MB) 10-27-2009 78 2
Little Dollz Cyberpunk for Little Dollz Tori Little Dollz Cyberpunk for Little Dollz Tori : This is a character add on for my upcoming "Little Dollz Tori" figure. The Mat poses will not work with the first Little Dollz Figure and, the hair would have to be re sized. However, the Cyber Boots ... [more] (4.81 MB) 11-03-2009 71 2
Uni-Dwarf Alternate Texture Set Uni-Dwarf Alternate Texture Set : Two alternate versions of the default skin texture for the Uni-Dwarf w/ (P6 & up) material settings. One texture is completely bald and the other has more of a widow's peak hairline than the default. (11.34 MB) 11-18-2009 95 2
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