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MicroCosm Freebies Free Add-ons for the RDNA MicroCosm set 55
LaRoo Ad-Ons Add-On's for Colm's Laroo Figure 21
Samedi Add-Ons Freebies and Add-Ons for Netherwork's Samedi Voo Doo Doll Figure of Toony Cuteness! 1
Cookie and Chip Freebies Freebies for the Fantastically New Cookie and Chip! 31

Files in category : Product Add-Ons
  File DateReverse Sort Order Downloads Comments : Alarm Add-On for JetBike ;) Requires JetBike: Link to the product page ... [more] (1.37 MB) 03-08-2010 317 1
CdM: Knife Thrower D|S MAT poses CdM: Knife Thrower D|S MAT poses : DAZ|Studio MAT poses for "Cirque du Macabre: Knife Thrower". Requires "CdM: Knife Thrower" and D|S 2.3 or 3A. (67.0 KB) 02-25-2010 40 2
Uni-Dwarf Texture Templates Uni-Dwarf Texture Templates : Package includes texture templates for the Uni-Dwarf, genitals and starter clothing mesh. (10.97 MB) 11-23-2009 58 1
Uni-Dwarf Alternate Texture Set Uni-Dwarf Alternate Texture Set : Two alternate versions of the default skin texture for the Uni-Dwarf w/ (P6 & up) material settings. One texture is completely bald and the other has more of a widow's peak hairline than the default. (11.34 MB) 11-18-2009 111 3
TT´s Riding Rocket Styles TT´s Riding Rocket Styles : Rocket Styles, Poser 7 Materials and maps, for Travelers Technophilia Retro - Gynoids V3 - Rock-It, Riding Rocket. (164.0 KB) 11-14-2009 120 3
Little Dollz Cyberpunk for Little Dollz Tori Little Dollz Cyberpunk for Little Dollz Tori : This is a character add on for my upcoming "Little Dollz Tori" figure. The Mat poses will not work with the first Little Dollz Figure and, the hair would have to be re sized. However, the Cyber Boots ... [more] (4.81 MB) 11-03-2009 86 2
Little Dollz Braids Little Dollz Braids : I was practicing my braided hair modeling this morning. I came up with this and figured it would be more fun for you to have then just let it sit around on my hard drive. Thanks. :D Little ... [more] (4.31 MB) 10-29-2009 115 4
Little Dollz Flannel Shirt Little Dollz Flannel Shirt : A conforming flannel shirt for my Little Dollz figures. Will fit both figures. I put it up for those of you who might want to make the Dollz a little grungy! :) Little Dollz Figure available here: htt ... [more] (2.70 MB) 10-27-2009 82 3
Little Dollz Hero Little Dollz Hero : A super hero costume I made for my Little Dollz figures. It includes a body suit, cape and boots. It was just something I whipped up real quick but, I figured some people would like to have a copy. L ... [more] (1.22 MB) 10-27-2009 90 2
Pizza Face for 3DZ's Mr. C. Andy Corn figure Pizza Face for 3DZ's Mr. C. Andy Corn figure : Free MAT pose for The 3D Zone's Mr C. Andy Corn Figure.:D Just unzip to your Poser directory. (602.3 KB) 10-24-2009 73 5
Eva DS adv Mats Eva DS adv Mats : While there are already some DS Mats with the base Eva pack, here are some more advanced DS Mats using HumanSurfaceShader, PWSurface2 and UberSurface. The HSS file is for DS2 only, and the PWS2 file a ... [more] (64.3 KB) 09-26-2009 190 3
SteamPunk for V4 Templates SteamPunk for V4 Templates : For those wanting the templates to the SteamPunk Outfit and Accessories, Here ya go! ;) Hope these help! (2.41 MB) 09-19-2009 327 8
Jäger for Mimic Jäger for Mimic : Brett Martison has created this ".DMC" file that lets you use Jäger with Mimic! (I've seen some of the tests he's done already and they look fantastic! :) - Amadhi (7.3 KB) 09-17-2009 49 2
Vashti DazStudio with pwToon Mat Vashti DazStudio with pwToon Mat : Material presets for DazStudio with pwToon for Vashti (1.38 MB) 08-20-2009 98 2
Divine Darcubis Genitals Divine Darcubis Genitals : These are genital maps to use with Divine Darcubis, available here at RDNA. Now you can render this creature being naked too ;-) (680 Bytes) 08-08-2009 91 1
DarkLord's Realm flags DarkLord's Realm flags : A pose-able set of flags made for TransPond's DarkLords Realm (1.51 MB) 06-06-2009 166 2
Gumdrops: Girly Morphs Gumdrops: Girly Morphs : Inj Morph for Candy and Magnet for spawning the Girly Morph (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 245 2
Noir Chocolat Templates Noir Chocolat Templates : Templates for Noir Chocolat (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 131 1
Sweet Shop - Templates Sweet Shop - Templates : Templates for the Sweet Shop- Layers: 1) Patio 2) Pavement 3)Door, Glass, Handle, Scrollwork, Rods, (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 117 1
Cordon Templates Cordon Templates : Templates for the Gumdrops Outfit: Cordon Bleu (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 115 2
Parfait Templates Parfait Templates : Templates for the Gumdrops Outfit: Parfait (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 114 1
Creme Brulee Templates Creme Brulee Templates : Templates for the Gumdrops Outfit: Creme Brulee (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 118 2
Cupcake Templates Cupcake Templates : Templates for the Gumdrop Character Cupcake (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 138 2
Tatoo Texture MAT pose for The Cat Tatoo Texture MAT pose for The Cat : Free Tatoo Texture for The Cat (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 73 1
Mimic for Candy and Cupcake Mimic for Candy and Cupcake : Due to the difficulties of doing phonemes for characters with no teeth, tongue or defined lips, this (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 168 1
CalienteV4 - Alice 2.0 Fits CalienteV4 - Alice 2.0 Fits : Aery Soul\'s Alice fits for CalienteV4 (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 836 1
CalienteV4 - Aiko4 Fits CalienteV4 - Aiko4 Fits : Aiko4 Fits for CalienteV4 outfit (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 729 1
P5 High Res Skullcap P5 High Res Skullcap : For LaRoo. High Resolution tight fitting skullcap for Poser 5 dynamic hair generation. (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 80 1
Maple Clothing Set Maple Clothing Set : Set includes Maple leaf conforming Epaulets, Maple leaf Conforming Bra and Maple textures for the Le (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 149 1
Infinity Cove Texture Set Infinity Cove Texture Set : A set of 10 custom backdrop textures for the RDNA Infinity Cove. 1000x1000 resolution. (Unknown Size) 05-31-2009 282 1
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