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MicroCosm Freebies Free Add-ons for the RDNA MicroCosm set 55
LaRoo Ad-Ons Add-On's for Colm's Laroo Figure 21
Samedi Add-Ons Freebies and Add-Ons for Netherwork's Samedi Voo Doo Doll Figure of Toony Cuteness! 1
Cookie and Chip Freebies Freebies for the Fantastically New Cookie and Chip! 31

Files in category : Product Add-Ons
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Shanda Hair Templates Shanda Hair Templates : Just in case anyone needs them, here are the Shanda UVMap templates ;). (521.1 KB) 07-31-2015 48 1
STAR! - Body Templates STAR! - Body Templates : Templates for building your own STAR Textures! (2.83 MB) 04-08-2015 171 2
BoPeep V4 Hair Templates BoPeep V4 Hair Templates : Templates for the RDNA Pro Bo Peep Hair (391.0 KB) 02-04-2014 87 3
BoPeep V4 Outfit Templates BoPeep V4 Outfit Templates : Templates for the RDNA Pro Bo Peep Outfit (1.65 MB) 02-04-2014 86 2
Template for Melody 2.0 Template for Melody 2.0 : A Quick Template for Melody 2.0's Base pack... Melody head, Kitty Ears, Lion Ears, and Smooth Cat Tail. (Body is V4 Based for most packs) (1.40 MB) 07-22-2013 110 5
Gumdrops Templates for Candy Gumdrops Templates for Candy : This is the body and eyes templates for Candy as well as all the Gumdrop characters. (962.1 KB) 03-25-2012 140 3
Texture Filtering Toy (Scene Toy Add-On) Texture Filtering Toy (Scene Toy Add-On) : FREE Add-On for Netherworks' Scene Toy, available in the Runtime DNA store! This add-on allows you to change the texture filtering on all image maps of all materials for all selected figures and prop ... [more] (10.9 KB) 12-19-2011 67 4
Amanda Hair for Miki2 Amanda Hair for Miki2 : Special thanks to Englishbob for this! This is a cr2 addition that will allow Amanda for Miki1 now fit Miki2. (4.32 MB) 12-07-2011 108 2
V4 Ballet Templates V4 Ballet Templates : This is the first installment of the Ballet Templates. This includes templates for: Leotard 1 Leotard 2 Workout Shorts ToeShoes LegWarmers (normal and footed versions) Short Skirt Sweater Performance ... [more] (3.13 MB) 10-24-2011 118 2
Antonia Joint Limits Pose Antonia Joint Limits Pose : This is simply a utility Pose which applies recommended Joint Limits to Antonia. Useful for Animators, those using IK, folks using Limits to Create Poses, Clothing Designers and for product limits te ... [more] (14.7 KB) 10-18-2011 88 1
Antonia Master Groups Pose Antonia Master Groups Pose : This freebie for Antonia is a companion Pose file for use with one or more Morph Packs for Antonia by Netherworks Studios. Basically, after you use PMD injections, you can use this Pose File to set u ... [more] (15.9 KB) 10-18-2011 86 1
Clothes for Brute Clothes for Brute : Just some clothes. I was messing around in the clothing room. Nothing special, but I figured I would share. :D They are UV Mapped so, you can add any texture you want. I added a Hello Kitty shirt. See ... [more] (4.77 MB) 10-15-2011 43 2
Aria Hair Templates Aria Hair Templates : Templates for Aria Hair! (1.03 MB) 09-09-2011 43 1
Barbarian Templates Barbarian Templates : Templates for the Barbarian for V4. Sorry for any insanity not having these might have caused. Please note that the medallion section and the belt buckle both use the same template across the entire ... [more] (3.61 MB) 09-09-2011 54 2
Togglez Favorites Editor Togglez Favorites Editor : Togglez Favorites Editor is a free add-on for Togglez that allows you to re-order or remove entries from Togglez' Favorite List. It provides a simple editor interface that loads the Favorites and all ... [more] (13.9 KB) 08-15-2011 39 2
The Governator for The BRUTE The Governator for The BRUTE : Listen Up Now You Spaghetti Armed Little People! Dis is Da Brute talking to You. You Know I rule wit da pumpitude and da butt destroying! You wuld be wise to make me da Govina of your Runtime folder t ... [more] (3.69 MB) 08-02-2011 129 4
Wheel Testing Utility Wheel Testing Utility : This is a simple freebie for testing whether or not your mouse wheel is supported in wxPython. It doesn't have any other function that telling you if it reads your wheel being turned up or down. It ... [more] (2.8 KB) 02-28-2011 58 2
The Assassin Dude The Assassin Dude : Assassin Clothing Add On for The Dude Figure from Runtime DNA. This is a little side project I've been doing for my own amusement. I just finished it this m ... [more] (10.44 MB) 01-04-2011 307 4
The Dude- Fun Textures The Dude- Fun Textures : I've been asked many times for the different textures I made for the dudes promos. Well here they are. Zip includes 5 texture maps for the dude: Jacko texture, Ozzy Texture, Slash Texture, Crow Textur ... [more] (9.09 MB) 12-18-2010 128 6
Lights! Paris IBL Lights! Paris IBL : I've had many requests for a separate release of my Paris IBLs, but after careful consideration, I figured that I'd just make a freebie out of them. Hope you enjoy! (141.2 KB) 10-15-2010 286 7
The Witching Hat -  DS Update The Witching Hat - DS Update : This is a small package to make The Witching Hat compatible with DAZ Studio 2.3 or higher. Includes: 14 MOR Files in Pose/Seasons/MOR WitchingHat. This are "Fit To" Files as the Fitting Dials in ... [more] (350.7 KB) 10-08-2010 75 2
OohLaLa - Penny Bows OohLaLa - Penny Bows : Texture/MAT pose for the Penny Hair bows to coordinate with the OohLaLa plaid textures. (89.1 KB) 09-25-2010 121 2
Melody/Micah Whiskers! Melody/Micah Whiskers! : Whisker addon for Melody and Micah! (43.7 KB) 07-12-2010 201 4
Koshini2 Backpack Koshini2 Backpack : An old Koshini2 freebie brought back for fun! Hope you enjoy it! (2.94 MB) 07-12-2010 360 13
Koshini2 DressForm Koshini2 DressForm : This is an old freebie that was lost for a time. Hope you enjoy it! (1.92 MB) 07-12-2010 203 3
Koshini2 Glasses Freebie Koshini2 Glasses Freebie : An old freebie set of glasses for Koshini2 (173.0 KB) 07-12-2010 222 4
Plushies: Dexter Whiskers Plushies: Dexter Whiskers : An old freebie addon for Dexter to give him cute little whiskers. (30.2 KB) 07-12-2010 106 2
Marionette Strings update for Stephanie4 Marionette Strings update for Stephanie4 : This update requires that you actually have and have decoded the secret freebie included in the VI Circus Golden Ticket. This update adds V4++ scalar support and Stephanie4 Fitting. (44.4 KB) 07-08-2010 194 5
Lift Skirt Morph for VInnocence Base's Long Skirt Lift Skirt Morph for VInnocence Base's Long Skirt : Was a request for this. Unfortunately due to the way the skirt is built (all those lovely layers and fluffy ripples) I had to get rid of a lot of the polys that would have allowed easier horizontal w ... [more] (212.7 KB) 06-03-2010 163 4
Victorian Innocence Templates Victorian Innocence Templates : Many requests for these! Templates to the Victorian Innocence Base, Underpinnings and Accessories. Hope you enjoy! (11.63 MB) 05-14-2010 163 6
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