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Conversation Between DarkEdgeDesign and banditcameraman

  1. DarkEdgeDesign
    hahaha...that is crazy good, excellent job!
    Might I interest you in creating promo renders for me?
    What I would want are 1-3 large png renders (like the one you supplied), you will have full artistic freedom with the scene.
    What you get is a free final product from me, the only rule is no sharing of the files.
    You can take 2-3 weeks for creating these render(s)...does this interst you??
    Please email me at and put PromoRenders in the subject line.

    Great job, well done, and thanks for sharing!
  2. banditcameraman
    Just wanted to share this with you since it features GOG Armor and Mocking Bird

  3. banditcameraman
    Love Mocking Bird

    Sent a PM regarding a download issue
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