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  • How to use UberEnvironment2 with your own HDR pictures

    UberEnvironment2 comes with several presets that use different HDR pictures.
    In fact, DAZStudio is able to use these pictures if they are converted into tif files.
    But Omnifreaker did all for us and provided an utility to convert them for us
    Though there are some steps to follow in order to have great results. I will explain them. Some resourceslinks at the end of this tutorial.

    For comparison sake, here is a render i did using the UberEnvironment preset KHPark with DAZStudio3.

    I set the Environment Mode to Occlusion with Directional Shadows and i used a distant light set to specular only.
    I used the UberSurface on the shaders too.

    UE settings used:

    Now i would like to use one of my HDR picture. To do that i use HDRShop as i have to prepare my image i want to use.

    Here is what it looks like:

    I have to resize it and to turn it into a 'diffuse' hdr.
    Go to the main menu and select Image/Size/Arbitrary Resize:

    And change the dimension to:

    Here is the result:

    Now we have to blur it to only keep the lighting information. To do this, go to Image/Panorama/Diffuse Specular Convolution:

    You will get this warning:

    Click OK and you will get another window asking you for a Phong Exponent number. It is in fact the blur amount ratio, lower number equals more blur, higher number is less blur.
    Type 16 in there:

    After the calculation is done, you get this:

    Now go to File/Save As and choose the Radiance format HDR:

    Name your file with the diff tag at the end of the name for instance road_probe2_pano_diff.hdr.

    Now back to DAZStudio.

    I'm using DAZStudio3 which includes the HDRConverter from Omnifreaker. But you can download it from there.

    In the content panel, browse to the converter and double-click it.
    You will get a pop up window asking for the hdr file you want to convert, select the one you've just saved earlier and the converter will save it back as a tif at this exact same place. That's it!

    You just need to load that new tif file as the color map for UberEnvironment now, and play with the different settings, as all HDR images react differently.

    For instance, here is the render i made with the example HDR:

    UE settings used:

    Another one i made using the famous HDR Kitchen_Probe converted as a tif to be used in DS:

    UE settings used:

    I hope this tutorial learnt you something and that you will have more fun with the UberEnvironment!


    The HDRShop free program can be found at this link: http://gl.ict.usc.edu/HDRShop/
    Click on 'Download V1' on the top menu and fill a form.

    The omHdrConverter can be found at this link: http://www.omnifreaker.com/tiki-inde...omHdrConverter

    A lot of free HDR maps can be found on the Link section of my website under HDRI Ressources: http://www.vincebagna.com/index.php?...id=157&catid=4
    Some are in the equirectangular format (lattitude/longitude, the format needed for this tutorial), some are in probe format. You will have to convert the probe format to the equirectangular one using HDRShop.

    Have fun rendering!!
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    1. putr4n4k4l's Avatar
      putr4n4k4l -
      Good Job,....
      So, where i can get it preset for my DAZ? that's not free guys.....
    1. nosayben's Avatar
      nosayben -
      good job

      i very like this blog post of you !

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