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  • Installing the GIStudio render Presets in Windows 7 and on a MAC

    If you have Colm's GIStudio, you will need to install the render presets coming with it in this folder:

    Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Poser\8.0

    If your OS is Windows 7 x64 you will not find the folder because it does now point to c:\users\%username%\appdata\roaming.

    Here is a quick way to install them:

    1. Type %appdata% in the the Start menu search box.
    2. Roaming will appear above the Start menu search box.
    3. Click the word (Roaming) to enter the roaming folder and locate the Poser directory in the window that just opened on your right.
    4. Click Poser, then 8.0.
    5. Paste your render Presets folder (RenderPresets and its content) in 8.0

    It is all you have to do...

    Now start Poser 8, look at the render settings (Render menu\Render Settings) and load a preset. You should see the 4 GIStudio render presets:

    - GI Draft Quality
    - GI High Quality
    - GI low quality
    - GI Medium Quality

    If you use Poser Pro 2010 beta you just need to locate the Poser Pro folder (as in 4) and to paste your render Presets folder in it.

    It is anyway possible to locate the Application Data folder very quickly with the same command in earlier versions of Windows like XP and Vista. Just follow the same steps to install the render presets.

    I hope that this short explanation will be of some use.

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    1. wonderworldbabys's Avatar
      wonderworldbabys -
      Hello, my Problem, i have this program also and i have Poser Pro 2010 and a Mac.
      I have no idea where render presets for Poser Pro 2010 are stored on a Mac computer.
      Thanks for help, Andrea
    1. wilfred's Avatar
      wilfred -
      The manual for GI Studio does suggest to install the presets in the following folder on a MAC for Poser 8.0:

      HD>users>home folder>library>Preferences>Poser>8.0

      For Poser Pro 2010 you should install the presets in:

      HD>users>home folder>library>Preferences>Poser>Poser Pro>2.0 (copy the RenderPresets folder in the 2.0 directory)

      It is the answer that I gave in the original post.

      I hope that this will help you.

    1. summerstorm's Avatar
      summerstorm -
      I have a problem too, my OS is windows 7 and i made sure the render preset folder was copied and pasted in the right place , i am using poser 8 and when i go into poser 8 i follow the tutorial that came with GI studio step by step but when i get to the part to go into render settings and click on load a preset nothing happens and the presets do not open, i have double checked 10 times to make sure i have them in the right place and they are.

      any idea why they wont show when i click on load a preset ?


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