• 13 Days of Christmas 2013 - Day 13

      Welcome to Day Thirteen of this year's fantastic RDNA's Disturbia 13 Days of Christmas.

      Every day from now until December 24th, we will be putting up new freebies. You have 24 hours to grab up the freebie of the day - though we usually do catch up days every now and again. This year's theme is Disturbia: Hollydazed!. Enjoy!

      Happy Holidays from everyone at Runtime DNA!

      Note: To Download Files, Click the Title Under the Images

      Bad Santa (Download)
      By Mortem Vetus

      Happy Christmas 2013
      Best Wishes
      Tracey and Andrew Rolfe

      FairyTale Show Png (Download)
      By NGartplay

      This is just a fun png image that I did to add a smile to everyone's face for the holidays. I rendered the Daz3D Fairytale house in a shoe and added Sam3D's wheels from one of his carriages (I asked permission to do so). I hope this comes in handy for a render sometime.

      Holiday cheer to all!

      The 2D set includes one golden, gilt frame with flourishes, one 2800x2800 textured background and one frame filler backdrop in psd format. Render your favorite character and frame them in a place of honor in this beautiful frame set. Print out your creation and give as holiday cards to family and friends.
      Comments 42 Comments
      1. ngartplay's Avatar
        ngartplay -
        Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Thank you for the 'bad Santa' Fits the Disturbia theme to a tee. Hope everyone can use the 2D items.
      1. be's Avatar
        be -
        Thank you so much!!
      1. mlljenks78's Avatar
        mlljenks78 -
        Wow thank you so much.
      1. donnena's Avatar
        donnena -
      1. debb6425's Avatar
        debb6425 -
        Thank you all so very much for all that you put into the Holidays, and every day! You inspire us
      1. smileywitchfaerie's Avatar
        smileywitchfaerie -
        Thank you for your generosity! Happy Holidays!
      1. SndCastie's Avatar
        SndCastie -
        Thank you for all the wonderful presents Merry Christmas
      1. sheila_denise's Avatar
        sheila_denise -
        Thank you for all the wonderful gifts! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!
      1. tabbycat's Avatar
        tabbycat -
        Thank you so very much everyone. Happy Holidays
      1. alisauhlisa's Avatar
        alisauhlisa -
        Thanks one and all for all the lovely gifts!! Happy Holidays to everyone
      1. aquariante8's Avatar
        aquariante8 -
        Wow, this is awesome, you saved my day!

        Wish you all the best and enjoy the happy holidays!
      1. demonkiss's Avatar
        demonkiss -
        with everyones wonderful gifts you've inspired in me the creative creature and it wants to rip itself loose and join the world, thank you all for the lovely christmas presents, for some of us its all the christmas gifts we have been given this year and it is apreciated very very much!
      1. ineketaaijke's Avatar
        ineketaaijke -
        thank you
        happy hollidays for everyone.
      1. fonpaolo's Avatar
        fonpaolo -
        Thank you very much for your generosity, every year you give us a lot of gifts.
        I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
      1. jodel's Avatar
        jodel -
        A frame! Splendid! Just what one needs for finishing an image off.

        The shoe house on wheels and the bad Santa are just plain fun.

        Thank you all for a lovely Whatsmas season!
      1. sandrose's Avatar
        sandrose -
        Happy Holidays! Thank you all for your holiday generosity.
      1. ngartplay's Avatar
        ngartplay -
        A note to users of the frame kit. The frame does not hide parts of your render that go outside its boundries. You will have to erase any areas of your render that you don't want to be seen. As an example, I erased the bottom hem of the white dress in the promos.
      1. syt's Avatar
        syt -
        Dankeschön, gesegnete Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr
      1. savanna's Avatar
        savanna -
        Thank you and merry christmas @all
      1. suzetx's Avatar
        suzetx -
        Hey, as much as I want to leave Texas, this mobile shoe could be a real lifesaver, LOL! Thanks so much for all you've done this year for us hun. Love you bunches....big hugz and Merry Christmas!!

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