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      On behalf of the entire site, Runtime DNA, we wish to wish you the happiest of birthdays. We are positive that the members of this site feel the same way we do, as some of them have been your fans since the early Morphworld days.

      You have done more, and gone beyond the call to make this site the shining star that it is. You are friend, co worker, leader, expo expert, technical whizzie whiz, and a true giant among men in the Poser Industry. Your history in this industry is undaunted. Your reputation as a fair, honest, and loyal man and crazy in the DNA asylum are why we have gathered here today.

      We could not do this without you, nor would we ever want to.

      Traveler, ERIC VAN DYCKE,

      WE LOVE YOU.

      Runtime DNA

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      Eric - this is who you are...a man with extraordinary depth. From photograph to render to product, your life is embodied in this collection. Embrace it. We, we are your clan, your true people.

      Joe ( netherworks ):

      Eric was one of the first folks to inspire me to be get into 3D work. Morphworld, Eric's old Poser site, was full of information, clever approaches (magnets with targeting sights!) and more morph packs that you could even possibly use. He is part of the blood, sweat and tears that go into RDNA every day and that really shines through. From one tech guru to another, thanks for being there, Eric!!! The world is a better place with you in it!


      Admin Bea ( Bea ):

      Eric you are my Hero. Always ready to help and advise. Thank you for all your support. I only wish I could offer you Eggs Benedict for Brunch.


      Secretheart ( Anna ):

      Happy Birthday to the fabulous Traveler! You are one of the warmest and most giving people that I know. My dear friend, my confidant, my co-conspirator, my second set of eyes... My Noodle Bomber.

      Wishing you the happiest of days today and hoping that you know how much I, and all of us at RDNA, adore you.

      GB X a gazillion.


      Nightsong ( Mary ):

      Eric, I don't even know where to start. You were one of the first people to ever really believe in me, that I could make something that wasn't junk, and I've learned so much both from you and from working with your wonderful creations! (Favorite. Teddy. EVER!) Your kindness, generosity, your amazing talent, and your flare for the -funnest- Challenges are something that has carried me through my darkest days and kept me going even when I thought my creative spark was long ground to dust. I can't even begin to count the number of times I sat down to work with your ever diabolical-themes and used them to work through everything life threw at me!

      There is NO way I can even begin to thank you for that everything that you've done or, most precious of all, for being YOU. Never, ever, EVER change, except to have many wonderful and amazing years ahead!!!! Happy birthday!!!

      Admin Aine ( Aine ):

      Happy Birthday to the most versatile independent thinking and simply brilliant individuals I've ever known. It isn't often you get a chance to meet one of the greats, even more rare you will get to work with and even for them. From the time I first saw your work and the help you gave others it was clear to me you would be one of the top people to know. I got to see not only the beauty of your style, but the love of the craft which does make you not only help those around you but also do so in the most uplifting way. May you enjoy your day today, and the many more to come in the future.

      Relik :

      Traveler...like many of the folks here, I started out in awe of your work
      and your wisdom. I'm proud to call you a friend, and I deeply appreciate all
      you've taught me over the years. You still amaze and impress after all these

      Happy Birthday and I look forward to sharing many more with you.

      Or your clones.

      I can never tell which.

      Comments 59 Comments
      1. mstene's Avatar
        mstene -
        Happy Birthday =)
      1. spiritfoxy's Avatar
        spiritfoxy -
        ~~~ foxie pounces full bore throwing glitter everywhere for the celebration ~~~

        We all love ya Eric, you da bomb!!! Happy Birthday and a Happy UN-Birthday To You for every other day as well!!! I just do not know what we would do without you around here, you are the glue that keeps us all together *smile* Seriously, Thank You from the bottom of my heart - my friend - for just being YOU ~~~

        ~~~ and what everybody else said too

        FoxieWoxie -^..^-~~
      1. redmysticangel's Avatar
        redmysticangel -
        I don't even know where to start! You are an amazing person with more talent & compassion in your little finger than I could ever hope to accomplish in my lifetime. You are a friend, a teacher, and a confidante to so many and you have left a giant footprint in the CG world that we are all in awe of. Here's hoping this is the best birthday EVER and there are many many more to follow! Oh, and save me a piece of cake, especially if it's chocolate

        Much Love
      1. MortemVetus's Avatar
        MortemVetus -
        Eric, you were one of the people who inspired me and Tracey to do this. And you've remained a constant inspiration to both of us as you have one of the most agile and far-reaching imaginations of anyone in the Poserverse. As with everyone at RDNA, we both owe you a huge debt of gratitude for everything you do on behalf of all of us. We are deeply honoured that we can count you among our friends, and look forward to many more years of saying "Damn, I wish we'd thought of that"

        Wishing you a very happy birthday, leading to a fantastic year.

        Have a good 'un
        Andrew and Tracey.
      1. sabataru's Avatar
        sabataru -
        Happy Birthday!!
      1. fire_knight's Avatar
        fire_knight -
        Happy Birthday Eric....Keep up the Inspiration and guidance.

      1. dollmommy's Avatar
        dollmommy -
        Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!!
      1. Fisty's Avatar
        Fisty -
        Happy Birthday!!
      1. rowan54's Avatar
        rowan54 -
        Happy birthday!
      1. dwindt's Avatar
        dwindt -
        Many happy returns Trav'. Hope you're around for many more decades dude. Thanks for your dedication.
      1. paulfrancis's Avatar
        paulfrancis -
        Best wishes from little olde England mate!
      1. dads3d's Avatar
        dads3d -
        happy birthday Eric
      1. beachlegs's Avatar
        beachlegs -
        Happy Birthday Traveler I hope you have a fantastic day and thank you for the wonderful comps you put in each month I love them and hopefully in time I will get to know you a lot better xx
      1. ambermoore's Avatar
        ambermoore -
        A birthday tune for you: http://www.silverdragon.com/punkie/c...day_dirge.html

        Choose your favorite verses wisely!
      1. redspartan's Avatar
        redspartan -
        Happy birthday Traveler...You've always been kind and supportive of my work and I want you to know how much that is appreciated. Have a great one.
      1. chris10's Avatar
        chris10 -
        Happy Birthday!!!
      1. phwilkinson's Avatar
        phwilkinson -
        Happy Birthday fellow Libran!
      1. blackthorn's Avatar
        blackthorn -
        Happy birthday!
      1. koppu's Avatar
        koppu -
        Happy Birthday
      1. spookielilone's Avatar
        spookielilone -
        Happy Birthday!!! Hope all your wishes come true!

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