• RuntimeDNA Community Dawn of a New Era Render Challenge

      Working in connection with Hivewire, RuntimeDNA brings you "The Dawn of a New Era Render Challenge"

      This is a joint community contest where everyone is invited to submit images to any or all of the participating communities as they would like. Each community will be taking submissions as part of the initial round of "The Dawn of a New Era Render Challenge". The top images from each community challenge will then go on to the final round to have a chance at winning fabulous prizes donated by The wonderful Sponsors of HiveWire!


      • Contest Starts: August 31, 2013
      • Community Challenge Round (First Round)
      • Top images will be selected from each community's submissions by the community managers
      • Submission Deadline: December 31, 2013 23:59:59pm MDT
      • First Round Judging: January 1, 2014
      • First Round Winners Announced: January 2, 2014
      • Final Round Judging Starts: Jan 2, 2014

      All selected images from the First Round Challenges will be combined and presented as a single group of images within every participating community. These First Round Challenge winning images will then move on to the Final Round for final judging and awarding of prizes.


      First Round Challenge Winners

      • No Prizes, just a secure spot for the Final Round of judging.

      Final Round Winners:

      Contest Categories
      There is a single category for all submissions. No specific genre, but we are looking for good solid representations of Dawn. You may use whatever tools you want to use, the only requirement is that Dawn is prominently used in the artwork. Postwork is allowed as this is about creating the best art you can.

      Entry Specifications & Rules

      • Limit of 3 images per artist, per community
      • Artists cannot submit the same image to different community challenges.
      • No nude or sexually suggestive images will be considered
      • Images need to be print quality. Image size must be a minimum of 2000x2000 pixels in .jpeg, .png, .gif or .tif format (minimum 200 dpi, 300 is preferred).
      • Thumbnail Image needs to be included 100x100pixels in .jpeg, .png, or .gif format.
      • Postwork is allowed
      • Any software program(s) and tools can be used
      • All members can enter, except contest managers and Admins of the participating communities
      • Entries MUST be new artwork not previously posted online, or anywhere else publicly
      • Entries MUST NOT appear online anywhere else during the contest or until the winners have been posted
      • All images must comply with HiveWire 3D's Terms of Service for imagery submitted to our website.
      • Entries at DNA will not remain anonymous and entrants will upload to the Dawn Community Render challenge gallery. DO NOT SIGN OR MARK YOUR IMAGE.
      • You MUST include a description to tell what type of software you used, what inspired you, how long it took to create the image. You may also include anything else about the image you wish to share. Images without a description will not be approved and will be asked to re-upload with the description included.
      • Images that do not follow the contest rules or HiveWire's Terms of Service will be removed.

      We recommend not waiting until the end of the contest to upload your entry. It is common for upload and/or approval complications to arise. Please give yourself ample time to correct your entry, if need be. Corrections will NOT be accepted if they are not time stamped by December 31, 2013 23:59:59pm MDT.

      By uploading your image you are agreeing that this is your original work.

      All prize winners must supply HiveWire 3D with their real name, email address, and mailing address for prize distribution and registration.

      By entering this contest, you agree that any content you submit may be used by HiveWire 3D for promotional purposes in online ads, print publications, CD/DVD, digital media or in any other medium. By submitting your entry to this contest you are granting HiveWire 3D the right to retain your entry in our archive and to display the entry to promote HiveWire 3D or future contests. The Artist (you) will remain the intellectual property holder of submitted images.

      Submitting the same image to more than one community challenge is grounds for disqualification. Winners that receive cash prizes are required to pay any required taxes according to the laws of their country of residence, as well as any applicable withholdings based on the laws and regulations of the United States of America and State of Utah.

      RuntimeDNA's Contest Challenge Gallery
      Comments 11 Comments
      1. maraich's Avatar
        maraich -
        I have a few questions...

        1) When I click on the link for the challenge it takes me to a page asking for an album password. I'm not seeing that listed above. What do I need to do to get past that?

        2) Is the album set up to take the high quality image that is needed for the contest? Or is it okay to upload a lesser quality image as long as we have the 300 DPI image available upon request?
      1. dragon's Avatar
        dragon -
        I work on the Pictures
      1. bullwood's Avatar
        bullwood -
        I cannot get past the album password either...
      1. Admin-Syyd's Avatar
        Admin-Syyd -
        Im clicking on the link and going through to the gallery, so it could be because Im on the admin side. Are you logged in to the gallery? I will have this fixed by Monday morning everyone and sorry :-)
      1. bullwood's Avatar
        bullwood -
        I'm not sure what you mean by logged into the gallery... I am logged into this website and I can look thru the galleries from the drop down link at the top of this page. if I click on Post Image from the drop down Gallery menu at the top of this page, I get a submission form. However, if I click on the contest submission link, I am prompted for an Album Password.

        I hope this information helps...

      1. bullwood's Avatar
        bullwood -
        Still asking for album password...
      1. Admin-Traveler's Avatar
        Admin-Traveler -
        Sorry Everyone, this should be fixed now.
      1. bullwood's Avatar
        bullwood -
        Getting closer... I now get the following message when trying to submit my image:

        No file was uploaded !

        If you have really selected a file to upload, check that the server allows file uploads...
      1. bullwood's Avatar
        bullwood -
        Still getting the same error (see last post) ...
      1. sissyb's Avatar
        sissyb -
        All prize winners must supply HiveWire 3D with their real name, email address, and mailing address for prize distribution and registration.
        So how can i communicate this, i mean, my real name, my mail address? is it RDNA which will give it to HiveWire?
      1. Admin-Traveler's Avatar
        Admin-Traveler -
        File size limit has been upped to 900 KB Please let us know if that is working now.

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