• Under Review: Cinema4D Addon -- Texture Kit Pro

      Texture Kit Pro is a collection of textures/shaders for Cinema 4D. Greyscalegorilla is well known for its focus on C4D and most excellent tutorials. The website is a must visit for all C4D users (apart from our own forum here at RuntimeDNA of course… hehehe)

      Texture Kit Pro


      List price: $99 Single User / $199 Multi-User

      What do you get?

      You get 500 textures/shaders in a 680 MB zip file which is easily installed in your preset directory of C4D. Minimum required version of C4D is V12. I checked it under V13 and V14 and it worked fine.

      The texures/shaders are organized in different groups making it very easy to find and select a specific texture:

      As an example I show you the set for "Abstract / Mograph"

      To see all textures you can browse them in a wonderful gallery at Greyscalegorilla


      The quality of textures and shaders, the diversity and the usability is very good.

      Do you need this package?

      This is difficult to answer. This depends mostly on your usage of C4D.

      If you have enough time then it is of course an option to learn creating and setting up textures and shaders on your own.

      If you like to have a set of excellent textures and shaders available at your fingertips, saving you a lot of time and also giving you the opportunity to learn how some of the shaders were created then this package for you.

      The textures/shaders are easy to use but if you want to get most of this pack then you should know some of C4D's texture/shader basics.

      I bought it last year when it was on sale for $69 and I thought about it for a long time but finally decided to give it a try. For me it is a time saver and helps me to quickly to texture a scene or to create new textures/shader based on the included ones. I never regretted this purchase.
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        hi admin thanks
        good information

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